Attorney-General of Lehmark

Mr Wald Friedli

The Department of Justice of Lehmark is one of the more complex Government Departments and has the widest jurisdiction, however this jurisdiction is only focused around the Empires’ legal system and the Supreme Court.

The Attorney-General leads the Department and is responsible for the development and maintenance of Lehmark's Criminal Law Code and suggesting Imperial Decree to cover areas of Civil Law.

The Department provides enforcement of criminal law through the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor, who represents the State in criminal matters.

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Agency of the Chief Public Prosecutor

Chief Public Prosecutor: Position Vacant - Apply here

The Offices of Chief Public Prosecutor is charged with representing the Empire of Lehmark in criminal cases presented to the Supreme Court and is under obligation to take all available measures to ensure all public prosecutions are undertaken in good faith and in the interest of their client.

The Offices of the Chief Public Prosecutor also supply legal aid to Lehmarkians in cases where they cannot afford an attorney. These lawyers are freely provided by the Empire and there is no cost in accessing these services. The Offices of the Chief Public Prosecutor maintain separate offices in separate building for legal aid and prosecution, with separate filing systems - ensuring client confidentiality and a fair trial.