Department of Justice

Attorney-General of Lehmark

His Majesty Wald Friedli, King of Narsiryn

The Department of Justice provides for the administration of civil and criminal law in the Empire. This is done primarily through the suggestion of legislation, Decree amendments and the Criminal Law Code.

The Attorney-General leads the Department of Justice; which also oversees the Agency of the Chief Public Prosecutor. The Department appoints the Chief Public Prosecutor from a pool of Licensed Legal Professionals.

From this pool of Licensed Legal Professionals the Department of Justice will suggest appointments to the Supreme Court, which are given to the Emperor and Autocrat for approval.

The Department manages the Legal Professional Licensing Policy and Bar Exam. Those seeking to undertake the Bar should be graduates in Imperial Law from the Imperial University as the questions are based on the Lehmarkian Legal System.

Contact the Department of Justice via email:

Agency of the Chief Public Prosecutor

Chief Public Prosecutor: Position Vacant - Apply here

The Offices of Chief Public Prosecutor is charged with representing the Empire of Lehmark in criminal cases presented to the Supreme Court and is under obligation to take all available measures to ensure all public prosecutions are undertaken in good faith and in the interest of their client.

The Offices of the Chief Public Prosecutor also supply legal aid to Lehmarkians in cases where they cannot afford an attorney. These lawyers are freely provided by the Empire and there is no cost in accessing these services. The Offices of the Chief Public Prosecutor maintain separate offices in separate building for legal aid and prosecution, with separate filing systems - ensuring client confidentiality and a fair trial.

Agency of National Security

Director of National Security: Mr Dane Bozzoli

The Agency of National Security is a two fold Agency, charged with both law enforcement and defence of Lehmark. With the abolishment of the Department of Armed Forces as laid out in Imperial Decree LIV, most of that Department's responsibilities were transferred to the new Agency of National Security.

Crime in Lehmark and Civil Disputes are non-existent so there has been little need for a large law enforcement agency.

The Agency's most important responsibilities are ensuring the integrity and security of Lehmark’s borders during peace time, conducting the defence of Lehmark during times of conflict and maintaining civil law and order and security of the Citizens of Lehmark.

As the Imperial Guard of Lehmark double as a defence force during times of conflict, the Agency must ensure the training, drilling, ammunition control and weapon supply of the Imperial Guard of Lehmark.

The Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark remains the Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Guard of Lehmark.

The Imperial Guard of Lehmark are charged with law enforcement and national defence and therefore cannot be used to conduct offensive military actions.

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Legal Professional License

Under the Legal Professionals License Policy those who seek to practice law in the Empire of Lehmark must obtain a license by passing the Bar Exam. It is generally recommended to pass the Associate Degree in Imperial Law provided by the Imperial University for free first.

Cost and Renewal

A Legal Professionals License is valid for 2 years, after which time the holder must pass the LPL Renewal Exam.

The initial cost of a License is 100LDT and renewal is 80LDT.

To Pay for the License

  • Go to our Discord Server and go to channel #imperial-bank

  • Use slash command '/transfer'

  • Recipient: Wald - DOJ

  • Amount: 100LDT or 80LDT.

  • Memo: 'Your UCIN' LPL

  • Must be paid within 7 days of license being issued.