Department of Justice

Attorney-General of Lehmark

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Department of Justice

Description of Department

The Department of Justice of Lehmark is one of the more complex Government Departments and has the widest jurisdiction, however this jurisdiction is only focused around the Empires’ legal system and the Supreme Court.

The Attorney-General leads the Department and is responsible for the development and maintenance of Lehmark's Criminal and Civil laws Codes. The Attorney-General provides legal support to the Supreme Court and assists the Chief Justice in its maintenance, but in no way does the Department control the Court.

The Department provides enforcement of criminal law through the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor, who represents the State in criminal matters.

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Supreme Court of Lehmark

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The Supreme Court of the Empire of Lehmark is one of the most important institutions of the Empire, it is responsible for dispensing Criminal and Civil Law as well as acting a Constitutional Decree Review Board. The Supreme Court is outlined in Article VI: Judicial Power of the Constitution.

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The Supreme Court consists of the Judicial Board Membership which is made up of the Courts Justices' and Magistrates' and includes the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who is the Head of the Supreme Court.

The Chief Justice and two Justices of the Supreme Court are appointed by the Emperor based on recommendations from the Department of Justice. The Emperor can ignore the recommendations and appoint his own choice and may also appoint replacements for the Chief Justice and other Justices' before their tenure is up.

The Supreme Court also consists of Eight Magistrates, Four in charge of dispensing Criminal Law and Four in charge of dispensing Civil Law. All Eight are appointed by the Chief Justice based on recommendations from the Department of Justice for a period of five years. The Emperor can overturn these appointments and make his own selection.

The Justices of the Supreme Court shall act as Justices of Appeal in Civil and Criminal cases. Appeals must be based on the point of law, material procedural irregularity or severity of sentence. Should this Appeal fail, another appeal can be made to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and finally should this fail then a final appeal can be made to the Emperor personally.

The Justices of the Supreme Court will act as a Constitutional Decree Review Board when presented with Constitutional Imperial Decrees and it is worth noting that the Supreme Court is excluded from reviewing Land, Title, Finance and Ordinary Decrees.

If the Supreme Court find a Decree to be unconstitutional, or harmful to the State or a Citizen of the Empire, then the Chief Justice will initiate a Veto Voting Session during which the Decree shall be voted on by the Chief Justice and Justices’ of the Supreme Court, which if unanimous then the Decree will be considered vetoed at which time the Decree will be returned to the Head of State for alteration and re-submission. This said veto can be overridden by the Emperor, if deemed necessary for the continuance of a functioning government at which time the Decree in question will become law, and if a unanimous vote cannot be reached after three (3) attempts, then the Decree will be considered accepted by the Supreme Court.

Agency of the Chief Public Prosecutor

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The Agency of Chief Public Prosecutor is charged with representing the Empire of Lehmark in criminal cases presented to the Supreme Court and is under obligation to take all available measures to ensure all public prosecutions are undertaken in good faith and in the interest of a Victim or the Citizens of the Empire where applicable.

Memorandum on National Development

Individualised Development Plans for Departments and Agencies, were introduced by Memorandum on 11 November 2020.

In Lehmark, Ministers and Agency Leaders have a duty to undertake necessary works that contribute towards the progression and development of Lehmark as a micronation. The Memorandum on National Development, provides goal based directives for Ministers and Agency Leaders to achieve so they can satisfy that civic duty.