The Empire of Lehmark is a Constitutional Imperial Autocracy whose Head of State/Government is the Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark, who solely exercises executive and legislative authority via Imperial Decree as per the Constitution of the Empire.

The Imperial Senate forms an important and functional appointed advisory body to the Emperor and Autocrat and serves in part as Council of State. The purpose of the Imperial Senate is to provide advice to the Emperor and Autocrat when requested; the Emperor is not bound by the advice. Imperial Senators are permitted to present Imperial Decree for deliberation, and Memorandum of Concern; which the Emperor and Autocrat must issue a Decision.

  • Imperial Proconsuls are appointed twice annually, to ensure State compliance with Imperial Law and to represent their State to the Imperial Senate. All Lehmarkians are permitted to apply for Imperial Proconsul Appointment.

  • The Memorandum on National Development outlines directives and a Development Plan which Ministers and Agency Leaders carry out to develop the Empire,. Each Development Plan relates to a specific Department or Agency. The Minister of Development manages the Memorandum and associated Development Plans and presents a quarterly Report based on Bi-Monthly Ministerial Reports.

  • Imperial Decree XCVIII - On Governance and the Imperial University was introduced on 20 July 2022, which codified certain aspects of Imperial Administration, and introduced an Imperial Chancellor - this position was created to assist the Emperor and Autocrat in coordinating the activities of the Imperial Government, but in no way, can the Imperial Chancellor lead or command the Imperial Government - that power rests with the Emperor and Autocrat.

Membership in the Imperial Senate

Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark

Minister of Internal Affairs

Minister of the Treasury and Economy

Acting Minister of Culture, Arts and Community

His Imperial Majesty, William Lehman I. GMIOL SOM GMLOC

Imperial Chancellor

Minister of Development

Ambassador to the United Kingdom

Lady Ann Crowhurst Duchess of Salop GIOL OM KLOC

Ambassador to Vishwamitra

Sir Peter G, Duke of Armstrong GIOL OM KLOC

Mr Liam Alexander

President of the Islamic Community of Lehmark

Chief Ambassador, Ambassador to Kenya

Sir Mohamed Adhan, Count of the Empire of Lehmark OM KLOC

President of the French Community of Lehmark

Ambassador to France

Sir Yannick Beuvelet, Duke of Saint George GIOL OM

President of the Esperanto Society of Lehmark

Ambassador to the United States

Mr Aidan Pierce OM

Baron of the Empire of Lehmark

Director of Marketing

Sir Matthew Hubbard OM KLOC