Imperial Government


The Empire of Lehmark is a Constitutional Imperial Autocracy whose Head of State is the Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark. The Emperor and Autocrat exercises executive and legislative authority as per the Constitution to rule the Empire of Lehmark.

His Imperial Majesty's Government or simply the Imperial Government is the centralised national government of the Empire of Lehmark. Being responsible to the Emperor and Autocrat and headed by the Imperial Chancellor, the Imperial Government governs the Empire of Lehmark by which it ensures the enforcement of law, development of the nation and societal progression.

Many aspects of the Imperial Government is explained in both the Constitution and Imperial Decree XCVIII - On Governance and the Imperial University

Membership in the Imperial Government

Membership in the Imperial Government is exclusively defined as the Imperial Chancellor, Ministers and Agency Leaders.

This excludes the Minister of Internal Affairs and Minister of Treasury and Economy - as these are held by the Emperor and Autocrat.

The Imperial Chancellor

Ministers and Agency Leaders

Imperial Government of the Empire of Lehmark

Lady Ann Crowhurst Duchess of Salop GIOL OM KLOC

Mr Tebbeck Thrupney

Mr Zabëlle Skye

Sir Caleb Ashworth, Count of Plymouth OM KLOC

Mx Vacci Wingfield