Department of Internal Affairs

Minister of Internal Affairs

HIM William Lehman Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark

Department of Internal Affairs

Description of Department

The Department of Internal Affairs provides for much of the Empire's internal functionality - specifically relating to Government and Citizen Affairs.

The Department manages Citizen Affairs by processing Applications, creation of ID Documentation, and the management of government staff - especially Ministers and Agency Leaders.

An Agency of the Department if the Office of the Imperial Archives, who manages archiving of all documentation from Imperial Decree's to Banking Details.

Contact the Department of Internal Affairs via email:

Digital ID Card & Physical ID

With the Introduction of Imperial Decree LXXXIII the only Form of Identification recognised by Lehmark is our Digital ID Card, which also doubles as a Passport.

The Digital ID Card can only be used for macronational purposes when used in conjunction with a macronational ID which complies with macronational law. Our ID's cannot be used on their own, unless travelling through another micronation.

The Digital ID Card is linked under 'Citizen Services'.

Physical ID

Lehmark's environmental policy forbids the additional production of physical ID's but permits the Empire to sell what it has left in stock.

Physical Package - $35.00AUD includes:

  • 1 Lehmark Passport

  • 1 Lehmark ID Card

  • 1 Lehmark Physical Citizenship Certificate

  • 1 Lehmark Lapel Pin

$15AUD Shipping applies for Physical ID.

Fees and Process

  • Digital ID Card:

    • Once you have made your purchase through the Lehmark Postal Service, please email the following:

      • Invoice Number or Purchase Order Number

      • Passport Style Photo

      • Unique Citizen Identification Number

      • Date of Birth

  • Physical ID:

    • Step 1 - Fill out the Citizen identification Package Application Form - ensure to upload a Passport style photo

    • Step 2 - Purchase the chosen Citizen Identification Package (Platinum or Standard) through the Lehmark Postal Service

      • Within 60 days you will receive your Citizen Identification Package to your postal address.

      • Any Application that has been filled out incorrectly will be automatically declined and deleted.

      • Upon check-out please use the ID Package Shipping Option.

Imperial Decree LXXXIII - On Digital ID Cards and ID Documentation

  • The Empire of Lehmark will recognise a Digital ID Card issued by the Department of Internal Affairs and Approved by the Emperor and Autocrat, and PDF Files of Citizenship Certificates:

    • Except in the cases of physical ID Cards, Passports and physical Citizenship Certificates issued before this Decree. These forms of ID will remain valid until such a time, the Citizen loses the ID documents or ceases being a Citizen either via death or renunciation.

    • The Empire of Lehmark is bound by Imperial Decree LXXIX – On Environmental and Climate Policy and must ensure all forms of identification are digital. Passports are excepted by this policy, further detailed later in Decree.

  • The Empire is barred from producing physical Passports and any form of identification document. Unless specifically requested by a Citizen, in which case it can be produced with a fee.

    • The Empire is permitted to sell any remaining stock of Passports and ID Cards.

  • Digital ID Cards cannot be used for macronational ID requirements, unless the person is using their Lehmarkian ID in conjunction with a macronational ID.

  • Lehmarkian Digital IDs will be recognized by Lehmarkian allies as a valid form of ID. Unless specifically denied via Treaty.

  • Digital ID Cards will also double as a Citizens Passport, and will include a Passport ID Number. A separate document does not need to be issued. The Empire of Lehmark will not stamp Passports on entry or exit. A tourist does not need to be tracked when touring the Empire, and we expect the same treatment for our Citizens – absolute freedom of movement.

  • Digital IDs must contain the following information:

    • Full Legal Name

    • Date of Birth

    • Passport ID

    • Country of Birth

    • Date of Issuance

    • Unique Citizen Identification Number

    • State of Citizenship Registration

    • QR Code for security and proof of validity.

    • Passport-style photo of the ID Card holder.

Director of National Security

Position Vacant - Apply Here

Agency of National Security

The Agency of National Security is a two fold Agency, charged with both law enforcement and defence of Lehmark. With the abolishment of the Department of Armed Forces as laid out in Imperial Decree LIV, most of that Department's responsibilities were transferred to the new Agency of National Security.

Crime in Lehmark and Civil Disputes are non-existent so there has been little need for a large law enforcement agency.

The Agency's most important responsibilities are ensuring the integrity and security of Lehmark’s borders during peace time, conducting the defence of Lehmark during times of conflict and maintaining civil law and order and security of the Citizens of Lehmark.

As the Imperial Guard of Lehmark double as a defence force during times of conflict, the Agency must ensure the training, drilling, ammunition control and weapon supply of the Imperial Guard of Lehmark.

The Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark remains the Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Guard of Lehmark.

The Imperial Guard of Lehmark are charged with law enforcement and national defence and therefore cannot be used to conduct offensive military actions.

Contact the Agency of National Security via email:

Office of the Imperial Archives

Chief Imperial Archivist: William Lehman, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark

The Offices of the Imperial Archives is an Agency of the Department of Internal Affairs, which means that the Department of Internal Affairs has delegated our offices with the important tasks of:

  • Ensuring that all Documents, Forms, request Imperial Decrees are properly controlled and stored and ensuring that documents are readily available upon Approved Freedom of Information request

  • Maintain a Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages

  • Maintain the Citizens Register

These Registers are designed for the Empire to keep track of its Membership by way of Citizens and to ensure that they are providing Government services to the write person.

To help this the Empire created the Unique Citizen Identification Number, which is given to each Citizen on their Certificate of Citizenship, these details are maintained in The Citizens Register.

For privacy and protection reasons both of these Registers are closed to the public and cannot be accessed even by Freedom of Information Request as it would be severely damaging.

Currently the Offices maintain an Archive of all Imperial Decrees which is available for all Citizens of the Empire and Members of the Wider Community to view. Lehmark tries to be as transparent as possible when it comes to the Governments Functionality and this is also applied to the Imperial Decrees.

Memorandum on National development

Individualised Development Plans for Departments and Agencies, were introduced by Memorandum on 11 November 2020.

In Lehmark, Ministers and Agency Leaders have a duty to undertake necessary works that contribute towards the progression and development of Lehmark as a micronation. The Memorandum on National Development, provides goal based directives for Ministers and Agency Leaders to achieve so they can satisfy that civic duty.