Department of Internal Affairs

Minister of Internal Affairs

HIM William Lehman Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark

The Department of Internal Affairs provides Services facilizing Government Bureaucracy and allowing Citizens and other entities to access the Imperial Government and its relevant bodies and regulatory services.

The Department manages Citizen Affairs by processing Citizenship Applications, ID Documentation, management of Government Employment Systems.

An Agency of the Department if the Office of the Imperial Archives whose role involves the management of archiving of National Documentation.

Contact the Department of Internal Affairs via email:

Digital ID Card & Physical ID

With the Introduction of Imperial Decree LXXXIII the only Form of Identification recognised by Lehmark is our Digital ID Card (on right) which also doubles as a Passport.

The Digital ID Card can only be used for macronational purposes when used in conjunction with a macronational ID which complies with macronational law. Our ID's cannot be used on their own unless travelling through another micronation.

Physical ID

Lehmark's environmental policy forbids the additional production of physical ID's but permits the Empire to sell what it has left in stock.

Discounted Physical Package - $50.00AUD includes:

  • 1 Lehmark Passport

  • 1 Lehmark ID Card

  • 1 Lehmark Physical Citizenship Certificate

  • 1 Lehmark Lapel Pin

  • Free Shipping

Fees and Process

  • Digital ID Card:

    • Once you have made your purchase through the Lehmark Postal Service, please email the following:

      • Invoice Number or Purchase Order Number

      • Passport Style Photo

      • Unique Citizen Identification Number

      • Date of Birth

  • Physical ID:

    • Step 1 - Fill out the Citizen identification Package Application Form - ensure to upload a Passport style photo

    • Step 2 - Ensure to Purchase Physical ID specific shipping which is available on checkout.

      • Within 60 days you will receive your Citizen Identification Package to your postal address.

      • Any Application that has been filled out incorrectly will be automatically declined and deleted.

Notification of Citizen Details Change

Verified Lehmarkians can use this Form to:

  • Register a Change of Name

  • Register a Change of Gender

  • Register Preferred Pronouns

  • Move Provinces

Note: Those who seek to Register a Change of Name, Gender and Pronouns please select 'Register a Name Change' and follow the prompts on the Form to complete all details changes.

Please note under the Constitution, those who Register a Change of Gender must commit to gender reassignment surgery within 365 days. However, please note this legal requirement is unlikely to be enforced.

Registration of Birth, Death or Marriage

Verified Lehmarkians can use this Form to:

  • Register a Birth - where at least one parent was a Verified Lehmarkian

  • Register a Death - of a Lehmarkian Citizen

  • Register a Marriage - between two people, one of whom is a Lehmarkian.

Please note: Once this Form is processed new Citizenship Certificates, Death Certificates and Marriage Certificates will be emailed to the email address collected by this Form.

Marriage in Lehmark: Marriage is defined as consenting two adults entering into a legal arrangement. Marriage is not limited to ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality or the like.

Office of the Imperial Archives

Chief Imperial Archivist: William Lehman, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark

The Offices of the Imperial Archives is an Agency of the Department of Internal Affairs, which means that the Department of Internal Affairs has delegated our offices with the important tasks of:

  • Ensuring that all Documents, Forms, request Imperial Decrees are properly controlled and stored and ensuring that documents are readily available upon Approved Freedom of Information request

  • Maintain a Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages

  • Maintain the Citizens Register

These Registers are designed for the Empire to keep track of its Membership by way of Citizens and to ensure that they are providing Citizen and Social services to the write person.

To help this the Empire created the Unique Citizen Identification Number, which is given to each Citizen on their Certificate of Citizenship, these details are maintained in The Citizens Register.

For privacy and protection reasons both of these Registers are closed to the public and cannot be accessed even by Freedom of Information Request as it would be severely damaging.

Currently the Offices maintain an Archive of all Imperial Decrees which is available for all Citizens of the Empire and Members of the Wider Community to view. Lehmark tries to be as transparent as possible when it comes to the Governments Functionality and this is also applied to the Imperial Decrees.