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Citizenship in the Empire of Lehmark

A leading Australian based micronation, the Empire of Lehmark was founded on 19 April 2019 and built on the Principles of Absolutism and Social Progression. Since our founding we have become an established and advanced micronation that specializes in digital economics, community engagement, citizen services and more. 

Lehmarkian society and community is open minded, kind, respectful and accepting. We welcome people from all over the world and aim to provide a safe space for people of all religions, cultures, gender and sexual orientations.

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Citizenship Eligibility Criteria:

Information Regarding Citizenship Applications:

Privacy Policy

The Empire of Lehmark does all we can to ensure the Privacy of our Citizens and the Information they provide to us, via various Applications, Communications or any other document with personal information relating to or about our Citizens. 

We do this by:

Publicly Made Available Information

The Imperial Government maintains a National Statistic Report, managed and available in the Office of the National Archives. This Report is released annually, and reports on the Nations demographics. This is inclusive of:

No personal information, such as Names, Dates of Birth, Email addresses or the like will be made public in these Reports. 

Your Information and the Government

The Imperial Government of Lehmark can request to the Emperor and Autocrat to make available Citizens; First Names and Email addresses. However this can only be for Official use, such as:

The Imperial Proconsuls of Lehmark are permitted to make requests for Citizens; First Names and Email addresses, only for Official use, such as:

Election Candidates are permitted to access Citizens; First Name and Email address for their State Candidacy only to Contact the Constituency no more than 3 times in an Election period, to promote their Candidacy. 

Lehmark Mailing List

The Empire of Lehmark utilises MailChimp to ensure our Citizens can be informed of the ongoings within the Empire. 

New Citizens are automatically subscribed upon acceptance of Application, a Welcome Email will be sent to New Citizens with useful information and links to Citizen and Social Services. An Unsubscribe option is provided on all emails. 

Lehmark ensures to send as little of these kinds of emails as possible. In most instances the Mailing List will be used to:

The Imperial Government will be sending out a monthly or bi-monthly bulletin to inform Citizens of the political ongoings within the Nation.