Apply for Lehmarkian Citizenship

Apply for Lehmarkian Citizenship

Thank you for taking the steps to join our micronation by becoming a Citizen of the Empire of Lehmark and since the development of Imperial Decree XXII - On Imperial Development Scheme applying and becoming a Citizen is FREE!

The Citizenship Test and Application Form consists of three parts:

  • Citizenship Test

  • Citizenship Application

  • Statistical Collection

A Study Guide is available and has all the answers highlighted for the questions found in the Citizenship Test. We do recommend reading the Study Guide before taking the test. We do like to ask that you take the test without the Study Guide.

As of 27 November 2020, in order to provide for Lehmark's future, we will not be accepting Citizenship Applications from those have not Applied for a Lehmark Career Opportunity BEFORE submitting their Citizenship Application. Over the two years of our existence, we have been very lucky with the number of people who have become part of Lehmark, unfortunately we have one of the most inactive populations around, and not due to lack of trying on the Government's part. As a result we have plenty of Citizens who collect "Citizenships" and we never hear from again. Thus we only need people who are genuinely interested in furthering our development as a micronation.

This policy will not remain forever, but will be in place until such a time Lehmark has sufficient membership in her Government to carry out further tasks and development. This Policy places no barriers to Citizenship, and our wording is clear, you only have to Apply for a Career, not be accepted for the job. We will interview you as part of the job application process, we may decide you don't fit the position and if that does happen, and as long as you pass the Test, your Application for Citizenship will still be approved.

FREE Lapel Pin

  • Every Citizen of Lehmark is eligible to receive a Lapel Pin of the Flag of Lehmark for free. To claim yours fill out this Request Form.

Please check your Junk Mailbox, if you have not received a response in 48 hours.

Benefits To Being A Citizen Of Lehmark

Lehmark Career Opportunities

  • Lehmark offers Citizens the opportunity to help develop Lehmark by way of Lehmark Career Opportunities. As Lehmark has expanded so has the requirement and need for additional Citizens to take up positions in the Imperial Government.

  • Lehmark primarily seeks Citizens who want to make real efforts in their roles and to strive to make Lehmark bigger and better.

  • 12 Monthly Departmental Development Plans were introduced for all Departments and Agencies officially on 11 November 2020. The Memorandum provides clear and concise development instructions and expectations for new/current Ministers and Agency leaders.

For further information on Lehmark Career Opportunities. Click here.

Imperial University of Lehmark

  • The Imperial University of Lehmark was founded on 14 August 2019 via Imperial Decree published by His Imperial Majesty William the first, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark and was done so in accordance with Basic Right 17 - The Right to Access Basic Services.

  • The Imperial University of Lehmark offers Citizens the chance to gain a University Degree in the fields of Imperial Law and Human Rights.

    • Imperial Law: The Imperial Law of Lehmark Degree covers all aspects of Constitutional, Imperial Decree and Administrative Law. This offers students an in-depth look into the development of the legal framework of the Empire of Lehmark, as well as offering a look into the functionality of the Supreme Court, Governmental Departments and the powers of the Emperor and Autocrat.

    • Human Rights of Lehmark: The Human Rights of Lehmark Degree has an in-depth explanation and analysis of the Constitutionally established Bill of Rights of the Empire of Lehmark and the meaning behind each established Right and the principles behind them.

  • By graduating from the Imperial University, that also makes you a Lawyer in the borders of Lehmark and thus you have the chance to become Attorney-General or even the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

For further information on University Education and enrolment. Click here.

Lehmark Order of Citizens

  • Every new Citizen of Lehmark is eligible to become Member of the Lehmark Order of Citizens in recognition of their Citizenship Acceptance. The Citizenship Application will ask you if you would like this membership.

  • Those who are loyal and serve Lehmark eventually might become a Knight of the Lehmark Order of Citizens!

  • Current Citizens only need to fill out this Form to become a Member!

For further information on the Lehmark Order of Citizens. Click here.

Annexation and the Lehmark Nobility

  • Every Citizen who commits their land to the Empire by way of annexation, and forming another State of the Empire, earns the Right to become the Noble of that land and receive a Title of Nobility. Typically that of a Count or Countess.

  • Titles of Nobility and Land are not sold by Lehmark, as done in other micronations, Lehmark only grants titles to those who are deserving of such title.

  • If annexation sounds of interest - we would highly suggest clicking the below link and understanding the Article on Annexation before deciding to Request Annexation.

For further information on Annexation and how to apply. Click here.

Imperial Florin Payment for Every New Citizen

  • Every new Citizen of Lehmark is entitled to receive a cash gift of 1,000f . This policy was introduced so that Citizens instantly have an opportunity to access University Education and other Lehmark Services which accept Imperial Florins. All a new Citizen of Lehmark needs to do claim is to apply for a private bank account with the Imperial Bank of Lehmark, and we take care of the rest - Personal Bank Account Application.

Citizenship Regulations

In accordance with Imperial Decree XXVII - On Citizenship Regulation: Amended 29 October 2020

Citizenship Regulations

The following regulations regarding citizenship will come into force in order to properly and clearly outline how citizenship is gained and/or lost. Some aspects are covered in the Constitution and nothing stated here will change that, however, it will be reiterated.

The Constitution States:

  1. “The Head of State has the sole power to grant titles of Nobility and Citizenship:

    1. The Head of State reserves the Right to Revoke or Amend Titles of Nobility, and is done so via Title Decree.

    2. The Granting and Revoking of Citizenship is delegated to the Department of Internal Affairs who is expected to act within past and future Imperial Decrees regulating the processes of Citizenship:

      1. The Head of State retains the Right to overturn any Granting or Revoking of Citizenship.

      2. Decrees are not necessary or required for the Granting or Revoking of Citizenship, unless the Head of State is overturning a decision made by the Department of Internal Affairs..“

Loss of Citizenship

Citizenship will be automatically revoked in cases where:

  1. That Citizen has been convicted of terrorism in either Lehmark or another country.

The Emperor and Autocrat will decide to revoke Citizenship in cases where:

  1. The Citizen has been convicted a major crime. e.g murder, rape, pedophilia.

  2. The Citizen has not paid the Imperial Development Scheme in 6 months, and has not opted out of the program.

  3. The Citizen has released private and sensitive information about the Empire.

  4. It has been proven that a Parent(s) or Caregiver(s) of a Person under the Age of 15, at the time of their Citizenship Acceptance, filled out said Person’s Citizenship Test/Application on their behalf. (Amendment 29/10/2020)

  5. In any other circumstance that the Emperor and Autocrat deems fit.

Renunciation (Amendment 29/10/2020)

Citizens of Lehmark are able to renounce their Citizenship at anytime, Citizens who wish to renounce said Citizenship must provide a written letter to the Department of Internal Affairs, explaining why they want to renounce their Citizenship.

The Department of Internal Affairs will decide to accept or reject Renunciation’s of Citizenship on a case by case basis, if the Department of Internal Affairs approves the Renunciation of Citizenship, that Citizen will receive a formal Notice of Revocation of Citizenship via email.

Gaining Citizenship

Citizenship can be gained through:

  1. Citizenship Test/Application:

    1. A person can apply to become a Citizen of Lehmark if:

      1. They are over the age of 15:

        1. Or must provide the written consent of parent(s) or caregiver(s) when prompted by the Department of Internal Affairs.(Amendment 29/10/2020)

      2. Are not a convicted criminal.

      3. Must not be seeking asylum.

      4. Must not be seeking residency.

    2. The Citizenship Test/Application will never have a cost associated to it again.

  2. Birth:

    1. A person who is born of parents who are both Citizens of Lehmark will have automatic Citizenship upon birth.

    2. A person who is born to parents where one parent is a Citizen of Lehmark will have automatic Citizenship upon birth.

    3. A person who is born to parents who are not Citizens of Lehmark will not have Citizenship.

  3. Persons under the Age of 15: (Amendment 29/10/2020)

    1. Persons under the Age of 15 are able to become Citizens of Lehmark via Citizenship Test/Application, only when the parent(s) or caregiver(s) provide written consent (when prompted by the Department of Internal Affairs), and said parent(s) or caregiver(s) must already be Citizens of Lehmark above the Age of 15.

    2. Parent(s) or Caregiver(s) of Persons Under the Age of 15, are not permitted to make Citizenship Application’s on behalf of their children.

Dual-Citizenship Regulation

People who hold Citizenship with other macronations or micronations will be allowed to have Citizenship with the Empire of Lehmark except in cases where:

  1. That person holds a position in government in another micronation.

  2. That person is the Head of State/Government of another micronation.

  3. That person is the Head of State/Government of another macronation.