• Two types of Citizenship are available:

    • Citizen; for those residing in Australia or New Zealand

    • Honorary Citizen; for those residing elsewhere.

  • You must be 15 years or older to Apply.

  • Dual Citizenship is permitted and accepted.

  • Receive 1,000LDT and Membership in the Lehmark Order of Citizens, once verified on our Discord Server.

  • 'Welcome Email' and 'Certificate of Citizenship' sent upon approval. Check your Spam/Junk.

  • We process your Application within 72 hours.

Terms and Conditions:
  1. Honorary Citizens are barred from becoming Ministers or Agency Leaders.
  2. The Treasury will deposit your LDT into the Imperial Bank of Lehmark Bot on Discord, once you have been verified. If you leave the Server your LDT will be lost.
  3. You have 14 days to join our Discord Server from date of approval, or you will be barred from accessing all Government Services until you are verified.
  4. Frivolous, incorrectly filled and those who fail the Eligibility Questions will have their Applications deleted without a response.
  5. Membership in the Lehmark Order of Citizens is provided upon Discord verification

Lehmarkian Citizenship.... What Do You Gain?

  • We are an established and advanced micronation, and because of that we are different to most micronations, we undertake projects aimed at developing our nation and furthering our nationhood. To us Lehmark is an opportunity.

  • Our Emperor and Autocrat and Imperial Government are very active and discuss almost daily, constantly working to develop the nation and provide more opportunities and quality services to all Lehmarkians.

  • We promote a culture of National Pride, National Loyalty, Service, Professionalism, Dedication, Respect and Acceptance.

  • An active and vibrant community on Discord which allows for all Lehmarkians to connect from all over the world.

  • The Empire of Lehmark has a real cryptocurrency (LDT). We host a Bank on Discord which allows for real-time LDT transactions without needing a Wallet. This is useful for Lehmarkians who are underage or reside where cryptocurrency is illegal.

  • Government Services made available to Citizens by the Imperial Government:

Absolutism, Social Progression, Economics and Culture

The Empire of Lehmark is founded upon the ideas of Absolutism and Social Progression. We hold a firm belief the Empire of Lehmark is a 'Benevolent Autocracy that works to benefit the people' and is creating a society that respects the Freedoms of her people.

In Absolutism:

Through our belief in Absolutism we have developed a centralised monarchy revolving around the Emperor and Autocrat's exercise of executive and legislative authority as per the Constitution. The Constitution protects Lehmarkians from abuses of autocratic power.

To assist the Emperor and Autocrat we developed the Imperial Senate which is comprised of the Imperial Government, Imperial Proconsuls, Peers of the Realm and a few unique positions. We believe that through readily available advice, the Emperor and Autocrat can introduce effective legislative action to meet the needs of the Nation.

In Social Progression:

We believe that everyone has the right to live freely and live their best life, and therefore we aim to create an open and accepting society. Our first step was the introduction of our Bill of Rights, the most advanced of any nation on Earth. Our Bill of Rights has been carefully written to ensure that absolutely everybody will be free from discrimination and intolerance.

Through careful development of our Discord Server we have created a strong digital community, where the Lehmarkians are able to connect to one another, regardless of where they are in the world. We have developed social clubs such as the Microwiki Organisation, Indian, Islamic and French Communities of Lehmark which are hosted on our Discord Server, this serves as a way for Lehmarkians to connect with other Lehmarkians who hold a similar interests, culture or religion.

In Economics:

The Empire of Lehmark is a unique micronation in terms of our economy. When founded, we created a silver-backed currency known as the Imperial Florin, with Lehmarkians holding a bank account through our online bank which was managed by the Imperial Bank of Lehmark.

In 2022, our economy drastically changed - we created a cryptocurrency known as the Lehmark Digital Token (LDT), we also commissioned the creation of the IBOL Bot for Discord which allows for real-time transactions of LDT on Discord with the use of slash commands. The benefit to this system is that it allows for those under 18 and those who live in a country where cryptocurrency is illegal to access our Network and currency and to conduct transactions without the need of a Wallet.

Lehmarkians who have a cryptocurrency Wallet are able to withdraw their LDT balance from the bot into their Wallet, they can also deposit LDT from their Wallet into the bot. The bot smartly tracks and handles all transactions.

In Culture:

Our next step is developing a distinct Lehmarkian Culture through our policy of Lehmarkian Nationalism. Lehmarkian Nationalism is designed around the concept of 'civic-liberal-nationalism' and adheres to the values of freedom, equality, tolerance, individual rights and multiculturalism. With this in mind we developed Five Pillars of Lehmarkian Nationalism to provide a 'social foundation'.

The Five Pillars of Lehmarkian Nationalism:

  1. Taking pride in your Empire and Lehmarkian identity.

  2. Providing your Services and Loyalty to the Emperor and Autocrat.

  3. Being proud of our Imperial Autocracy and Constitution.

  4. Acting with kindness, respect and courtesy towards all humans.

  5. Lehmarkian society and community is to be open and accepting to all.

Privacy Policy

The Empire of Lehmark does all we can to ensure the Privacy of our Citizens and the Information they provide to us, via various Applications, Communications or any other document with personal information relating to or about our Citizens.

We do this by:

  • Personal information provided in these Citizenship Applications are stored on a National Database only accessible by the Emperor and Autocrat. This database is stored on an encrypted external password protected drive.

  • Several separate Databases also exist for: It is worth noting for the below Databases, that the information contained within, pertains to Personal information proving identity, as well as usernames and passwords generated by the Imperial Government for Citizen accessibility to Government Services.

    • University Student Information

    • Banking and Account Information

    • Election and Elector Information

    • National Business Information

    • National Passport Register

    • Lehmark Employment Information

Publicly Made Available Information

The Imperial Government maintains a National Statistic Report, managed and available in the Office of the National Archives. This Report is released annually, and reports on the Nations demographics. This is inclusive of:

  • Ethnicity

  • Language

  • Religion

  • Country of Origin

  • Age Groups

  • Total Population

  • Monthly Citizenship Application Numbers

  • Genders

  • National State Populations

  • Employment Statistics

No personal information, such as Names, Dates of Birth, Email addresses or the like will be made public in these Reports.

Your Information and the Government

The Imperial Government of Lehmark can request to the Emperor and Autocrat to make available Citizens; First Names and Email addresses. However this can only be for Official use, such as:

  • Department Bulletin Programs

  • Election Reasons

  • Relating to Department Services

The Imperial Proconsuls of Lehmark are permitted to make requests for Citizens; First Names and Email addresses, only for Official use, such as:

  • Contacting the Constituents as per relevant Decree.

  • Engaging Citizens in State Projects or Events

Election Candidates are permitted to access Citizens; First Name and Email address for their State Candidacy only to Contact the Constituency no more than 3 times in an Election period, to promote their Candidacy.

Lehmark Mailing List

The Empire of Lehmark utilises MailChimp to ensure our Citizens can be informed of the ongoings within the Empire.

New Citizens are automatically subscribed upon acceptance of Application, a Welcome Email will be sent to New Citizens with useful information and links to Government Services. An Unsubscribe option is provided on all emails.

Lehmark ensures to send as little of these kinds of emails as possible. In most instances the Mailing List will be used to:

  • On occasion advertise a new or popular service or item

  • Inform of important political and social developments or other event

  • Allow the Emperor and Autocrat to communicate directly with the Citizens.

The Imperial Government will be sending out a monthly or bi-monthly bulletin to inform Citizens of the political ongoings within the Nation.