Department of Culture

Minister of Culture, Arts and Community

Mr Dian Fivaz Tenner

The Department of Culture was founded on 8 August 2020 as part of a Constitutional Reform and was reformed again on 20 March 2022. The primary function of the Department is to direct and implement national policies on community engagement, culture and arts within the framework of Lehmarkian Nationalism.

So far this has included:

  • The Reinvention of Sol Invictus and the creation of a National Calendar

  • Creation of the Agency of Lehmarkian Language, to create a custom language for the Empire.

  • The creation and maintenance of Social Clubs on Discord - which provide spaces for the expression of language, culture, religion and shared interests.

  • Hosting Provincial and National Events on Discord to engage Lehmarkians with each other and to provide entertainment to the Empire.

Contact the Department of Culture via email:

Connect with the Department of Culture via Twitter: @LehmarkDoC

Culture, Arts and Community

As at 7 January 2022

Through the creation of Lehmarkian Nationalism we aim to create a distinct National Identity which we can be proud of, and ensuring our society maintains its openness, acceptance and toleration for all people.

The Empire of Lehmark was founded upon the ideas of Absolutism and Social Progression and through our commitment to Social Progression we wish to ensure that Lehmark promotes a culture of respect and acceptance and to foster a sense of Pride and connection for all Lehmarkians.

Starting in 2022, Lehmark will host a series of events on our Discord Server including:

  • National Conference as Forums of Discussion

  • Independence Day Speeches and Ceremonies

  • Meetings of the Imperial Senate

Public Holidays, Festivals and Celebrations

Imperial Decree XCVII - On National Holidays sets out the Empire of Lehmark's National Celebrations, Festivals and Public Holidays, which make up the National Calendar.

While Lehmark has Civil Holidays such as Independence Day and the Emperor's Birthday, many Festivals and Celebrations found in the National Calendar are holidays and celebrations created by Imperial Decree XCVI - On Sol Invictus. Sol Invictus is intended to be a 'Lehmarkian Cultural Aspect', which was created by the Emperor and Autocrat, with the support of the Imperial Government, with the express purpose of creating Public Holidays and Celebrations for the Empire.

Agency of Lehmarkian Language

Imperial Glossopoeist: Position Vacant. Not currently hiring.

Created via Imperial Decree XCV - On New Agencies, this Agency is a Lehmarkian first and is charged with the creation of a unique language for Lehmarkians to use to communicate with each other.

The Imperial Government, believes that this will assist Lehmarkians who aren't native or fluent speakers of English, become more comfortable in participating with our community and this could potentially lead to an increase in community wide participation.

This Agency will be creating a script, sentence structure, phonetics, and the like. We aim to creative a simplified derivative of English, that is easy to pick up and easy to use. As His Imperial Majesty is bilingual in Korean, Korean elements will also be included.

Social Clubs on Discord

LGBTIQ Community of Lehmark

Social Club President: Sir Caleb Ashworth, Count of the Empire of Lehmark OM KLOC

Social Club Description/Blurb:

Hello! Welcome to our little corner of the Empire.

We are the LGBTIQ Community of Lehmark.

Everyone is welcome here, no matter your sexuality. If you're an ally, great! Come and chat with us! We'd really appreciate your support.

Lehmark Society of the Arts

Social Club President: Sir Matthew Hubbard, Baron of the Empire of Lehmark

Social Club Description/Blurb:

The Lehmark Society of Arts is a social club for the artists of Lehmark, including musicians, visual artists, film makers, actors, etc., where citizens can share their works with fellow artists and share constructive feedback.

MicroWiki Organisation of Lehmark

Social Club President: Sir Matthew Hubbard, Baron of the Empire of Lehmark

Social Club Description/Blurb:

The MicroWiki Organisation of Lehmark provides a space for MicroWiki Editors and enthusiasts to share their knowledge and skills. The Organisation also works to better MicroWiki by editing and improving articles, specifically those related to Lehmark.

Islamic Community of Lehmark

Social Club President: Sir Adhan Mohamed, Baron of the Empire of Lehmark

Social Club Description/Blurb:

The Islamic Community of Lehmark provides a safe place to unite Lehmarkian Muslims and to provide a safe place for all Muslims to practice their faith and languages, free from discrimination and intolerance.

French Community of Lehmark

Social Club President: Sir Yannick Beuvelet, Duke of Saint George OM

Social Club Description/Blurb:

Ce groupe est destiné aux personnes francophones qu’elles soient citoyennes de Lehmark ou sympathisantes. C’est un lieu d’échanges d’idées pour faire avancer notre nation dans le respect des uns et des autres et également dans le respect de la constitution, des différentes lois, décrets. C’est aussi un lieu pour faire connaissance et pour vivre des moments de partages et de convivialités. Enfin, il est destiné à faire connaître Lehmark dans les pays francophones. Il est animé par Yannick Beuvelet, duc de saint Georges, ambassadeur de Lehmark en France et proconsul du territoire de saint Georges.

Community of Sol Invictus

Social Club Administrator: His Imperial Majesty William I, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark

Social Club Description/Blurb:

The Community of Sol Invictus, came about as a result of the new National Calendar introduced on 16 June 2022, and is based on the Ceremonies of the Lehmarkian Cultural Aspect known as Sol Invictus, as laid out in Imperial Decree XCVI - On Sol Invictus.

Sol Invictus doesn't serve as a religion, faith or spirituality, while it has those elements, those elements should be considered a fun part of the Ceremonies and Celebrations to which they belong.

This Community has been established for those who do believe in a spiritual element.

Lehmark Historical Society

Social Club President: Mr Wald Friedli

Social Club Description/Blurb:

The Lehmark Historical Society aims to share, educate and discuss Historical Topics. The Society is a greatxplace to talk about famous people, events, or things from history. Casual and dedicated history enjoyed are welcome!

Lehmark Numismatics Society

Social Club President: Mr Christian Laudani

Social Club Description/Blurb:

Hello and welcome to the Lehmark Numismatics Society!

In this club not only numismats are welcome but also persons that are interested in the beautiful culture. This group serves as a safe place where all the persons interested in Numismatics can talk and discuss. Everyone is welcome!

Lehmark Club of Sports & Martial Arts

Social Club President: Mr Kevin Doan

Social Club Description/Blurb:

The Lehmark Club of Sports & Martial Arts is for sports players and martial artists where citizens can share what they know and practice together