National Anthem

From the start of June to 21 August 2019 the Empire of Lehmark held a competition to decide the National Anthem.

The Anthem written by Mr Peter Gumley was chosen as the winner, it is a beautiful anthem and truly captures the nature and essence of the Empire of Lehmark. As reward for writing the Anthem, Peters lands were annexed into the Empire and he was not only granted the title Count of Armstrong but also inducted as a Knight into the Grand Imperial Order of Lehmark.

The National Anthem of Lehmark

Written to the meter of “Onward Christian Soldiers”

By Mr Peter Gumley

Citizens of Lehmark

Hold our banner high

Celebrate our freedom

Hear our cheerful cry

We honor the First Nations

Who flourished on this land

We seek to live in harmony

To learn and understand

Lehmark seeks diversity

From every other place

No culture, creed or race will be

Denied to share our space

Peace will bring prosperity

Conflict bears no gain

We do not fight with weapons

Words hold our domain

Our Emperor will guide us

Justice will prevail

Peace and health for everyone

So let us sing “all hail!”