Department of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Sir Peter Gumley, Duke of Armstrong GIOL OM KLOC

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DOFA) is the Lehmark Government department responsible for the Empire’s micro- and macronational diplomatic representations and communications, and for providing consular services and secure travel identification for Lehmark's officials and citizens who are abroad.

Other official DOFA activities include facilitating matters concerning bi-lateral trade, markets and investment opportunities and the provision of international humanitarian aid and disaster relief that is within the capability of the Empire.

  • The Minister is required to advise the Emperor and Autocrat of situational developments in the micronational world and how these may affect Lehmark.

  • The Minister receives all Applications for Diplomatic Relations and determines by research the bona fides of applicant micronations to ascertain if such applicants are suitable for the interests of Lehmark.

  • The Minister oversees the implementation of Lehmark's Foreign Affairs activities, in particular assisting the Emperor by initiating and nurturing relationships that relate to negotiations of treaties and economic trade deals with other micronations.

  • When and where practical, the Minister will assist the Emperor in the selection of suitable candidates to be appointed as Ambassadors for the Government of Lehmark.

  • The Minister will assist the Emperor with the establishment of Lehmarkian Embassies within the States of Lehmark that exist outside the Australian mainland and also with the establishment of diplomatic representation within recognised micronations.

  • The Minister will assist and advise the Emperor and Autocrat with processing formal requests from recognised micronations for the establishment of foreign Embassies or Legations within Lehmark.

These duties and responsibilities promote the status and prestige of the Empire of Lehmark on the micronational world stage and demonstrate the high ethical, moral and philosophical standards of benevolent governance that motivate and inspire the Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark and its’ Citizens.

Contact the Department of Foreign Affairs via email:

Connect with the Department of Foreign Affairs on Twitter: @LehmarkDoFA

Current Foreign Policy, Ratified Treaties and Diplomacy

As at 18 November 2021

  • The Empire is a peaceful tolerant micronation that disavows all notions of inter-micronational warfare as being irresponsible and futile. Lehmark’s national defence, consists of the Imperial Legion, who double as the police force. Ownership of firearms is banned the Empire of Lehmark.

    • Due to our position on peace, Lehmark cannot participate in any military conflict, this includes conflicts involving our allies.

  • The Empire of Lehmark will not consider applications for diplomatic relations from persons aged under 15 years or from micronations that have a formative history of less than 12 months. Micronations applying should strongly consider having an independent website before applying.

  • The Empire of Lehmark will not consider applications for diplomatic relations from micronations that base their activities on digital gaming, militarism or fanciful role play.

  • The Empire of Lehmark will not negotiate a treaty with any micronation that displays or promotes hate speech, violence, intolerance of religion, race, gender or ethnicity.

  • If, after co-signing a treaty with a micronation that micronation subsequently displays any of the above listed behaviours (1 – 4), then the Empire of Lehmark will announce that the conditions of the co-signed treaty have been breached and the treaty is now void.

Associated States

The Empire of Lehmark is able to enter into a diplomatic relationship with another micronation as an Associated State, whereby the other party enters into a subordinate relationship to the Empire of Lehmark, and the Empire of Lehmark guarantees, protects and helps develop the other party. Both nations are still considered entirely separate countries.

Associated States are highly autonomous; they are entitled to full internal autonomy, however, the Empire of Lehmark restricts the other parties Foreign Affairs and retains the Absolute Power of Veto, except in cases where the law is proposing independence of the nation. Each Associated State is given the right to declare independence at anytime without issue.

The Associated State retains its full government and original Head of State, and their original Title. The Empire of Lehmark creates an overarching Title to reflect the new Status, this overarching Title is abolished upon independence of the Associated State.

Each Treaty of Association is discussed and negotiated individually, to ensure everyone is getting a fair deal.

Flag of the Kingdom of Felinia

MicroWiki Page

Imperator of Felinia: William Lehman

Queen of Felinia: Tina Rogers

Kingdom of Felinia

The Kingdom of Felinia, or more commonly known as just Felinia is a micronation in New Jersey, USA

Felinia was founded as a democratic absolute monarchy as of the 10 March 2021 after Queen Tina Rogers they wanted a way to honor their cat named Shadey, to be an example of how to be kind to one another, and how to work peacefully and to stand up for human and animal rights and raise awareness of said rights.

The legislature is formed as a cabinet. The Crown of Felinia can force and enact laws as they seem fit, but they can bring things to the Prime Minister or Cabinet for a second opinion. If a vote is needed, the vote must exceed 50% and an approval from the Prime Minister.

National Tree - Actinidia polygama (Silvervine)

Annexation Request

Through Annexation, the Empire of Lehmark places formal 'Claims of Sovereignty' over real property, this property becomes a new State in the Empire. Property ownership doesn't change.

Please refer to the below for detailed information before Requesting Annexation via the linked Form below.

Official Explanation of Annexation

  • Annexation implies the transfer of Sovereignty over a specified Property from one nation to another. Through Annexation, the Empire of Lehmark makes a claim of sovereignty over the Property Annexed.

  • Annexation does not change the 'Ownership' of any property, land, dwelling or the like. Lehmark does not take possession or ownership over Annexed Properties.

  • Annexation gives Lehmark ability to expand her national borders and jurisdiction: Which by extension expands the area where Lehmarkian Law is enforceable and represents an integral part of the Empire.

The Annexation Process

Annexation Process as per Imperial Decree XXXIII:

  1. Citizens of Lehmark may Apply via the Citizen Annexation Request Form (or the like).

  2. The Department of Foreign Affairs will review the Application and forward to the Emperor and Autocrat for final review.

  3. Upon Imperial Approval, the Citizen will be presented with a Treaty of Annexation to review. Pending no amendments the Citizen will sign and return. The Emperor will sign as well and return to the Department.

  4. The Emperor will prepare, sign and publish relevant Imperial Decree(s) to Ratify the Treaty. Thereby completing the Annexation Process. The Emperor may choose to Grant Citizens the Privilege of Ennoblement as reward.


Lehmarkians are able to become an Ambassador by filling out the Application below.

The Memorandum on Ambassadorship establishes the nature and conduct of these specific diplomatic appointments.

Please refer to the below Memorandum before Applying via the linked Form below.

Current Ambassadors

Dame Anni Crowhurst, Duchess of Salop GIOL OM KLOCAmbassador to the United Kingdom@LehmarkUKEmb
Sir Yannick Beuvelet, Duke of Saint George OM KLOCAmbassador to France@LehmarkF
Sir Aidan Pierce, Count of the Empire of Lehmark OMAmbassador to the United States@lehmarkus
Sir Mohamed Adhan, Count of the Empire of Lehmark OMAmbassador to Kenya@LehmarkianK