Department of the Imperial Chancellor

Imperial Chancellor of Lehmark

Lady Ann Crowhurst, Duchess of Salop GIOL OM KLOC

The Department of the Imperial Chancellor was created by a Constitutional Reform on 20 March 2022 and futhered by Imperial Decree XCVIII - On Governance and the Imperial University.

The Department is led by the Imperial Chancellor who is also the Head of the Imperial Government; commanding the Imperial Government on behalf of the Emperor and Autocrat. The Emperor and Autocrat remains the Supreme Executive of the Imperial Government and can command the Imperial Government when required.

A prime responsibility of the Imperial Chancellor is to initiate Government Projects aimed at developing the Empire and expanding Government Services; these Government Projects are then allocated to a Minister or Agency Leader to carry out.

The Department oversees and carries out National Sports and Science Policy - this includes management of the Lehmark Space Agency.

The Imperial Chancellor has the power to:

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Connect with the Department of the Imperial Chancellor on Twitter: @LehmarkDOD 

Sports Policy

As at 16 November 2021 - Sports Policy

In August 2020 Lehmark changed our National Sport from Reformer Pilates to Soccer and in August 2021 Lehmark FC Legends was founded as our National Soccer Team by Anni Crowshurst, Club Founder. 

In the later half of 2021, our National Soccer Team - Lehmark FC Legends has been participating in MicroNations League Cup and has been competing weekly against other micronational soccer teams. The game is similar to fantasy football and provides a way for our team to participate. 

Throughout 2021, Anni has gone on to found multiple fantasy teams across multiple sports including:

Science Policy

As at 16 November 2021 - Science Policy

The Empire of Lehmark successfully launched the Lehmark Space Agency. From here the Department hopes to fund the purchase of a licence, insurance and a miniature rocket in order to conduct missions. Funding is being sought by the Department from the Treasury - funding is slow due to limited funding available. 

Lehmark Space Agency

The Emperor and Autocrat along with the Imperial Chancellor are proud to launch the Lehmark Space Agency.

The purpose of the Space Agency is to engage Citizens of Lehmark with rocketry and live feeds of our missions, all environmental concerns will be managed prior to any launches. Launches are conducted in an open and safe manner. 

In April 2022, the Space Agency conducted its Maiden Voyage and it was a success - view here - the launch coincided with the Empire's Independence Day Celebrations and Ceremonies.