Department of Development

Imperial Chancellor of Lehmark

Lady Ann Crowhurst, Duchess of Salop GIOL OM KLOC

The Department of Development was created by a Constitutional Reform on 20 March 2022 and further developed by Imperial Decree XCVIII - On Governance and the Imperial University by introducing the Imperial Chancellor.

The Department is headed by the Imperial Chancellor of Lehmark whose primary responsibility is to coordinate the carrying out the Memorandum on National Development and Imperial Directives by Members of the Imperial Government - i.e Ministers and Agency Leaders.

The Department oversees National Sports and Science Policy - this includes management of the Lehmark Space Agency and the Agency of Tourism.

As part of managing the Memorandum on National Development, the Imperial Chancellor receives Bi-Monthly Reports from Ministers detailing the activities and progress of their Departments over the previous two months.

Contact the Department of Development via email:

Connect with the Department of Development on Twitter: @LehmarkDOD

Sports Policy

As at 16 November 2021 - Sports Policy

In August 2020 Lehmark changed our National Sport from Reformer Pilates to Soccer and in August 2021 Lehmark FC Legends was founded as our National Soccer Team by Anni Crowshurst, Club Founder.

In the later half of 2021, our National Soccer Team - Lehmark FC Legends has been participating in MicroNations League Cup and has been competing weekly against other micronational soccer teams. The game is similar to fantasy football and provides a way for our team to participate.

Throughout 2021, Anni has gone on to found multiple fantasy teams across multiple sports including:

  • Soccer Team - Lehmark FC

  • Men's/Women's Cricket - Lehmark Lightning

  • Women's Aussie Football

Science Policy

As at 16 November 2021 - Science Policy

The Empire of Lehmark successfully launched the Lehmark Space Agency. From here the Department hopes to fund the purchase of a licence, insurance and a miniature rocket in order to conduct missions. Funding is being sought by the Department from the Treasury - funding is slow due to limited funding available.

Memorandum on National Development

The Memorandum on National Development, was introduced by the Emperor and Autocrat on 11 November 2020 and outlines Development Plans for each Department and Agency. These Plans relate specifically to that Department or Agency and goes towards developing sectors of their jurisdiction and towards the overall development of the Empire.

A new Memorandum is discussed in the Imperial Senate and introduced on 1 January annually, and remains valid until 31 December. Therefore, Ministers and Agency Leaders have a total of 12 months to achieve their Development Plan. There are no consequences should a Plan not be met, however, there will be discussion as to why it was not achieved and what can be changed. Ministers and Agency Leaders can determine their own Plan when introducing a new Memorandum.

This Memorandum was originally managed and enforced by the Emperor and Autocrat, however with the creation of the Department of Development, that responsibility has been taken over by the Minister of Development, who will ensure its management and progress and ensuring the Emperor and Autocrat is kept up to date.

Bimonthly Development Plan Reporting

The Imperial Government chose to reintroduce Development Plan Reports on a bimonthly basis as outlined in Imperial Decree XCIII - On Bimonthly Reporting.

Reporting Periods:

  • Period – 1 January to 28/29 February. Report Due on 1 March

  • Period – 1 March – 30 April. Report Due on 1 May

  • Period – 1 May – 30 June. Report Due on 1 July

  • Period – 1 July – 31 August. Report Due on 1 September

  • Period – 1 September – 31 October. Report Due on 1 November

  • Period – 1 November – 31 December. Report Due on 1 January

Lehmark Space Agency

The Emperor and Autocrat along with the Minister of Science are proud to launch the Lehmark Space Agency.

The purpose of the Space Agency is to engage Citizens of Lehmark with rocketry and live feeds of our missions, all environmental concerns will be managed prior to any launches. Launches are conducted in an open and safe manner.

  • Funding for the Space Agency comes primarily from the Empire's Voluntary Taxation Program, the sale of National Merchandise and the Emperor himself.

    • A License and insurance has been purchased through the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the cost was generously donated by Lady Anni, Countess of Salop.

    • The purchase of a model rocket for a mission is the our next step, towards the development and functionality of the Space Agency.

    • Finally all missions will be 'live' streamed on our Twitter page.

In April 2022, the Space Agency conducted its Maiden Voyage and it was a success - view here - the launch coincided with the Empire's Independence Day Celebrations and Ceremonies.

Agency of Tourism

Agency Leader of Tourism: Position Vacant - Apply here

The Agency of Tourism is a Lehmarkian first, and is charged with creating Tourist events, sites, and maintaining such sites and events. The Agency Leader is also in-charge of tourist campaigns.

Visits to Lehmarkian Provinces will be possible thanks to this Agency, however, as Provinces are private residences, prior approval and negotiation with the Province residents will be required, a tourist cannot simply turn up and expect a welcome - a prior approval is an absolute must.