Empire of Lehmark: Active and Dedicated Micronationalists

Nature of Lehmark and Micronationalism

The Empire of Lehmark is a micronation founded by His Imperial Majesty William Lehman Emperor and Autocrat on 19 April 2019 and is built on the ideas of Absolutism and Social Progression. The Empire Lehmark currently claims sovereignty over the claimed States of Lehmark.

What is a Micronation?

  • Micronations are a "new country project" and should not be confused with cults, anti-government groups, terrorist organizations, or threats to national security.

  • Almost all micronations have a structure that is similar to an established sovereign state, and tend to include: territorial claims, government institutions, official symbols and citizens.

  • Micronations are often quite small, in both their claimed territory and claimed populations and may also issue formal instruments such as postage stamps, coins, banknotes and passports, and bestow honours and titles of nobility.

Lehmark's Primary Goal as a Micronation:

Lehmark is classified as a secessionist micronation - meaning we seek recognised independence and claim the right to self-determination and statehood under the Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States. Under customary international law as laid out in the Convention, Lehmark is an independent country, our next step is recognised independence from the wider international community.

Lehmark's Reason for Existing as a Micronation:

The Empire of Lehmark was founded upon the ideas of Absolutism and Social Progression. We hold a firm belief the Empire of Lehmark is a benevolent autocracy that works to benefit the people and therefore creates a society that values the Rights and Freedoms of her Citizens.

In Absolutism:

Through our belief in Absolutism we have developed a centralised monarchy revolving around the Emperor and Autocrat's exercise of executive and legislative authority as per the Constitution. The Constitution protects the Citizens against abuses of autocratic powers.

To assist the Emperor and Autocrat we developed the Imperial Senate which is comprised of the Imperial Government, Imperial Proconsuls and a few unique positions. We believe that through readily available advice, the Emperor and Autocrat can introduce effective legislative action to meet the needs of the Nation.

In Social Progression:

We believe that everyone has the right to live freely and live their best life and therefore we aim to create an open and accepting society. Our first step was the introduction of our Bill of Rights, the most advanced of any nation on Earth. Our Bill of Rights has been carefully written to ensure that absolutely everybody will be free from discrimination and intolerance. The Empire of Lehmark is built on love and respect.

Through careful development of our Discord Server we have created a strong digital community, where the Citizens of Lehmark are able to connect to one another, regardless of where they are in the world. We have also begun developing social clubs such as the Indian and Islamic Communities of Lehmark which are hosted on our Discord Server, this serves as a way for our Citizens to connect with other Citizens who hold a similar cultural or religious beliefs.

Our next step is developing a Lehmarkian Culture through our policy of Lehmarkian Nationalism. Lehmarkian Nationalism is about fostering a sense of Pride and Loyalty to the Empire and the Emperor and Autocrat, while ensuring Lehmarkians act with kindness, respect and courtesy to all people while guaranteeing Lehmarkian Society remains open and accepting to all.