Minister of Provincial Affairs

Mr Arjunveer Singh

Annexed Territory is organised into Provinces; of which are overseen and managed by the Minister of Provincial Affairs. The Minister of Provincial Affairs is responsible for overseeing and undertaking: 

Definition of a Province: A Province is an administrative division of the Empire of Lehmark that has undertaken the Annexation Process and is governed by Governors and whose development is managed and overseen by the Minister of Provincial Development.

Submit an Annexation Request

Annexation is the process by which property has its Sovereignty transferred to the Empire of Lehmark via Treaty of Annexation after which the property becomes a new Province. The Treaty is signed between the Applicant and the Emperor and Autocrat.

Perks of Annexation

Annexation of a Province: Confers a Title of Peerage (Count or Duke) and Coat of Arms.

Annexation of a Crown Colony: Confers Governorship of the Colony to the Applicant; to which the Applicant also receives a Title of Peerage.

Official Explanation of Annexation

Annexation Process - Adding Land to the Empire

Citizens of Lehmark may apply for Annexation using Forms: PARF-001/CCARF-001.

Annexation Process Following Application