Premier of the Provinces

Mr Mahmoud Ibn Umar

Assistant Premier of the Provinces

Mr Heath Alvin

In the Empire of Lehmark annexed territory is divided up into Provinces, with administration of the Provinces being overseen by the Premier of the Provinces and the Assistant Premier of the Provinces - together they form the Office of the Provinces. The Premier has an option to appoint a Governor to exercise their powers in a Province.

Provincial Administration is overseen by the Imperial Government and is centrally controlled, with the Premier being directly subordinate to the Emperor and Autocrat.

Similar to National Development, Provincial Development is planned and carried out in accordance with the Memorandum on Provincial Development - which aims to develop provinces, especially in the fields of infrastructure, administration and community events.

The Premier of the Provinces is granted Administrative Power to issue Provincial Ordinances - of which is derived from a pre-scribed list of Ordinance Subjects.

Definition of a Province: A Province is an administrative division of the Empire of Lehmark that has undertaken the Annexation Process and is governed by the Imperial Government and whose development is managed and overseen by the Premier of the Provinces.

Annexation Process

  1. Citizens of Lehmark may Apply via the Citizen Annexation Request Form (or the like) to begin the Annexation Process. Annexed Provinces must purchase and display and Imperial Flag.

  2. The Department of Foreign Affairs will review the Application for Annexation and forward to the Emperor and Autocrat for final review.

  3. Upon Imperial Assent, the Applicant will be presented with a Treaty of Annexation to review. Pending no amendments the Applicant will sign and return. The Emperor will sign as well and return to the Department.

  4. The Emperor will prepare, sign and publish relevant Imperial Decree(s) to Ratify the Treaty. Thereby completing the Annexation Process. The Emperor may choose to grant Citizens the Privilege of Peerage as reward.