State of Salop

The State of Salop was annexed into the Empire of Lehmark by way of Treaty between the Citizen of the Residence and the Imperial Government of Lehmark on 25 April 2021.

State of Salop is located in Staffordshire, United Kingdom and is home to the Duchess of Salop. The State consists of the Duchy Land Grant and Imperial Lands.

Salop is home to the Lehmarkian Space Agency - which specialises in miniature rocketry, the maiden launch took place in April 2022. The residents of the State have been known to utilize the open spaces which surround the State for activities and walks.

On 2 May 2022, Market Hill, located in Fayettville, North Carolina, USA was annexed to the State of Salop as an extension of the State.

Salop Day

On 25 April annually there is a State Public Holiday to Celebrate the Founding of the State of Salop, Salopians celebrate by learning one new Science fact and sharing with their friends and in the State Discord Channel.

State Flag of Salop

Description of Flag: Staffordshire Knot represents Citizen Unity and the Cannock Stag represents the State's location.

Imperial Proconsul for the State of Salop

Sir Aidan Pierce OM

Count of Market Hill

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State Maps and Images

State Capital: City of Salop

A City Council is hosted on Discord

Duchess of Salop

Lady Ann Crowhurst GIOL OM KLOC

Minister of Development

Ambassador to the UK

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Lands of Market Hill

On 2 May 2022, the Empire of Lehmark annexed the Sub-State of Market Hill into the State of Salop, thereby extending the State's jurisdiction from the UK to include a part of the USA.

The Lands of Market Hill, are home to the Count of Market Hill and open out onto a reserve filled with plenty of trees and wildlife. The home itself is fairly new, with ample garden and lawn space.

Imperial Corner Park

The Park is a small park located in the southeast corner of the Lands of Market Hill, created by Imperial Decree XCIV on 14 May 2022.

This is a park marked by a brick border, and filled with red mulch.

There are many flowers and decorations in the park. The park is managed and up kept by one of the residents, who gardens there. Foods like mint leaves and bell peppers are grown there.

The Park forms part of the Imperial Crownlands in the Lands of Market Hill.