State of Armstrong

State of Armstrong was annexed into the Empire of Lehmark by way of Treaty between the Citizen of the Residence and the Imperial Government of Lehmark on 29 August 2019.

The State of Armstrong is located in Armstrong Creek, Victoria and is home to the Duke of Armstrong. The State consists of the Duchy Land Grant and Imperial Lands. The Lord Barony of Raasay forms a sub-state of Armstrong, and is located in Scotland, United Kingdom.

The Duke of Armstrong is known for his planting and vegetation development and has installed many vegetable boxes in the Duchy, this also includes a number of pot plants, mostly herbs and self sufficient geraniums. The Duke of Armstrong prides himself on his Freemasonry and community work.

Armstrong Day

On 29 August annually there is a State Public Holiday to Celebrate the Founding of the State of Armstrong, Armstrongians celebrate by planting a new vegetable in their gardens and sharing it in the State Discord Channel.

State Flag of Armstrong

Description of Flag: The symbol shown in this Flag is representative of the Count's Scottish Ancestry and Familial History in Australia.

Imperial Proconsul for the State of Armstrong

Sir Adhan Mohamed OM KLOC

Count of the Empire of Lehmark

President of the Islamic Community of Lehmark

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State Maps and Images

Capital: City of Warralily

A City Council is hosted on Discord

Duke of Armstrong and Lord Baron of Raasay

Sir Peter Gumley GIOL OM KLOC

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Lord Barony of Raasay

The Lord Barony of Raasay was annexed into the Empire of Lehmark by way of Treaty between the Count of Armstrong and the Government of Lehmark on 27 September 2020.

The Lord Barony is located in Huntly, United Kingdom and is part of the wider "Established Titles" Aberdeenshire Estate. The Empire of Lehmark specifically lays claim to Plot E513477 only.