Province of Salop

Provincial Capital: Town of Salop

Governor of Salop: Mr Dane Bozzoli

Duchess of Salop: Ann Crowhurst GIOL OM KLOC

The Province of Salop was annexed into the Empire of Lehmark by way of Treaty between the Citizen of the Residence and the Imperial Government of Lehmark on 25 April 2021. In July 2022 the Residents of Salop moved into a new Property - with Lehmark renouncing claims on the old Province.

Province of Salop is located in Staffordshire, United Kingdom and is home to the Duchess of Salop. The Province consists of the Duchy Land Grant and Imperial Lands.

Salop is home to the Lehmarkian Space Agency - which specialises in miniature rocketry, the maiden launch took place in April 2022. The residents of the Province have been known to utilize the open spaces which surround the Province for activities and walks.

Province Maps and Images

Description of Flag: Staffordshire Knot represents Citizen Unity and the Cannock Stag represents the Province's location.

Salop Day

On 25 April annually there is a Province Public Holiday to Celebrate the Founding of the Province of Salop, Salopians celebrate by learning one new Science fact and sharing with their friends and in the Province Discord Channel.

Salop Day aims to Celebrate the vital role which Salop has in the Lehmark Space Program and to Celebrate the scientific interests of its Duchess.