Count of Plymouth: Sir Caleb Ashworth OM KLOC

Province of Plymouth

Provincial Capital: Town of Plymouth

The Province of Plymouth was officially Annexed into the Empire of Lehmark by way of Treaty between the Citizen of the Residence and the Imperial Government of Lehmark on 31 August 2022.

The Province of Plymouth is located in New Plymouth, New Zealand and is home to the Count of Plymouth. The Province consists of the County Land Grant and Imperial Lands.

The Count has been heavily involved in many areas of the Empire, contributing much to it's development. Much of his involvement has been with the Imperial Government as a Minister.

Plymouth is also home to Quick Whizzes Tech - which specialises in IT repairs.

Province Maps and Images

Description of Flag: Mount Taranaki represents the Province's location in New Zealand.

Plymouth Day

On 1 September annually there is a Province Public Holiday to Celebrate the Founding of the Province of Plymouth, Plymouthese celebrate by giving a small gift to someone they love or care about.

Plymouth Day aims to Celebrate personal connections and relationships with friends and family.