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  • Only Peers of Lehmark are eligible to Register their Candidacy for Elections.

  • State Senators are granted a 3,500f Allowance for their Term.

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  • All Citizens of Lehmark are eligible to vote in Elections, providing you have been a Citizen for longer than 6 months; there is no age requirement for voting.

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Imperial Decree XXXIII - On Statehood and Representation

Statehood, Definition and Attainment

Definition: A State is an administrative division that had undertaken the Annexation Process, these are non-Federal States and thus incorporated fully into the Administration of Lehmark. And has been recognized by Lehmark via relevant Imperial Decree. No distinction will be made for States who have Landed Nobility or not.

Current States of Lehmark:

  • Lehmark Capital State

  • State of Kokoda (State and sub-state dissolved as at 15 October 2021)

    • Duchy of Bertram (Amendment 15 May 2021)

  • State of Armstrong

    • Lord Barony of Raasay (Amendment 27 September 2020)

  • State of Saint George

  • State of Salop (Amendment 25 April 2021)

  • State of Market Hill (Amendment 27 June 2021)

  • State of Athens (Amendment 11 August 2021)

  • State of New Taipei (Amendment 16 August 2021)

State Organization under the previous version of this Decree do not need Titles of Nobility or Associated Decrees to be updated. This Decree simply changes the names and categorization of Lehmark’s States not the titles bestowed upon Citizens or past legislation.

State Representation

Each State of Lehmark is Granted by Decree the Privilege to Elect a State Member of Senate to the Imperial Senate of Lehmark, to Represent the interests and concerns of that State and their Citizens.

The Purpose of State Representatives:

  • To guarantee compliance with the Imperial Government in areas of State Administration: Such as enforcement of Imperial Decrees and Regulations.

  • To represent their constituency to the Imperial Senate, and strive to benefit the State and Citizens being represented.

  • To communicate directly and regularly with the Citizens of their constituency: And to act in good faith when acting on behalf of a Citizen or the constituency.

Elections for State Representative:

  • State Representative elections are held on 1 January and 1 June annually. State Representative’s have a mandate of 6 months, and can be elected multiple times.

  • Elections are to be held in a digital format, be simple and easily accessible.

  • It is the responsibility of the Imperial Government to ensure that fair and easily accessible elections are held on the aforementioned election dates. The Imperial Government will coordinate Candidacies, Voting, Results and anything else related to Imperial Elections. Election disputes can be presented to the Supreme Court.

  • Citizens of any age can vote and campaign in State Elections provided they have been a Citizen for longer than 6 months.

    • Citizens who intend to campaign as a State Member of Senate, must be a Member of Lehmark’s Discord Server and must be visibly active for at least 1 month; and must be a Peer of Lehmark.

  • Elections will be carried out on a majority takes all approach. Whereby a Candidate needs 51% of the State votes to become a clear victor. In the event of an election failing to yield a clear victor, the Emperor and Autocrat will decide the victor.

Additional Regulations:

  • There is to be only one (1) Senator per State:

    • The Lehmark Capital State will have no elected Senator and will be represented by the Emperor and Autocrat.

  • Ministers and Agency Leaders of Lehmark are permitted to serve as State Member of Senate.

  • All Senators of Lehmark are permitted to present potential legislation to the Imperial Senate for deliberation and discussion. The Imperial Senate may then advise the Emperor and Autocrat on its introduction; as per Imperial Decree LIX.

  • States of Lehmark are permitted to have a maximum Electorate size of 30 Citizens per State.

  • All State Senators are required by this Imperial Decree:

    • To attend all meetings of the Imperial Senate; unless reasonable reasons can be provided.

    • All State Senators must be part of the Lehmark National Discord Server.

  • State’s and their respective State Senators who become inactive* during their Term open the path for the following possible actions:

    • Undertake a negotiation where by the State re-engages or it will be released from the Empire. In the event that no communication takes place and a formal response is not received, the Emperor and Autocrat may:

      • Release the State from the Empire by dissolving the Treaty of Annexation and providing 14 days notice or as per the Treaty Articles.

      • Choose to hold another Election in that State, allowing the victor to serve the remaining mandate until the election.

    • The Emperor and Autocrat may utilize Executive Power to remove the State Member of Senate from Office and appoint an interim State Senator until the next election. State Peerage will take precedence for interim appointment as they have proven loyalty to the Empire. Upon their rejection, Citizen Electors will be contacted.

*Inactive is defined as; the State Member of Senate missing 3 Senate Meeting Sessions in a row; or no contact from the State Member of Senate or the State itself for at least 3 months.


  • The Empire of Lehmark’s Annexation Policy will be expanded to provide the ability for existing micronations to become a Federal State of Lehmark. A Federal State, will be of a unique position, these States will not be a formally integrated part of Lehmark and will be entitled to autonomy, with the Imperial Government retaining power to override the Federal State Government. Federal States will be more described as an associated state. Due to the unique relationship this will establish, a Federal State, will not breach the Constitution of Lehmark by having a legislature.

  • Federal States differ from a regular State in that:

    • They’re former independent micronations

    • Their former Head of State will be permitted to keep their title. Unless that title is ranked higher than King or is of a republican nature.

    • Federal State’s are permitted to keep their legislatures and government departments and agencies, with Lehmark assuming power over finances, foreign affairs and defence.

    • To secure Lehmark’s position in a Federal State, the Emperor and Autocrat:

      • Has Absolute Veto over all laws in the Federal State.

      • Any passed legislation requires the Federal State’s Head of Government signature and the assent of the Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark to become law.

Annexation Process

  1. Citizens of Lehmark may Apply via the Citizen Annexation Request Form (or the like).

  2. The Department of Foreign Affairs will review the Application and forward to the Emperor and Autocrat for final review.

  3. Upon Imperial Approval, the Citizen will be presented with a Treaty of Annexation to review. Pending no amendments the Citizen will sign and return. The Emperor will sign as well and return to the Department.

  4. The Emperor will prepare, sign and publish relevant Imperial Decree(s) to Ratify the Treaty. Thereby completing the Annexation Process. The Emperor may choose to Grant Citizens the Privilege of Ennoblement as reward.