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Lehmark Imperial Postcards

The postcard contains a large Lehmark Flag on the Front, with smaller Lehmark Flag and Imperial Coat of Arms on the back.

The postcards contain enough space for writing, an address and either macronational or Lehmark Stamp.

Postcards can be purchased directly from the Lehmark Postal Service for $7.50AUD.

Lehmark Imperial Stamps

Two row of Lehmark Stamps (2x3).

The Lehmark Stamp has Empire of Lehmark written on top of a Lehmark Flag and contains the price of the Stamp on the bottom row.

Stamps can be purchased directly from the Lehmark Postal Service in amounts of 6 stamps for $6.00AUD.

Lehmarkian Lapel Pin

Show your Lehmarkian Pride and Support of Our Nation with a Lapel Pin!

Stamp and Card Bundle

The Stamp and Postcards Bundle comes with 3 Postcards and 10 Stamps.

Great as a gift or perfect to provide detail of your journey through the Empire, or just right if you wanted a piece of Lehmark to be with you.

This bundle is available for $30.00AUD.

Lehmark Citizen ID Package

These packages have been designed so Citizens of Lehmark can more easily identify themselves when they are within the territory of Lehmark.

As a sovereign nation Lehmark reserves the right to issue these documents. Currently no macronation will recognise these documents and thus are classed as novelty items.

Further information on package contents can be found by clicking the above link.