Imperial University of Lehmark

Imperial University of Lehmark

Chancellor of the Imperial University of Lehmark: Position Vacant

Acting Chancellor of the Imperial University of Lehmark: William Lehman, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark

The Imperial University of Lehmark was founded on 14 August 2019 via Imperial Decree published by His Imperial Majesty William the first, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark and was done so in accordance with Basic Right 17 - The Right to Access Basic Services.

It is a firm belief of the Empire and His Imperial Majesty that education is one of the if not the most important institution and service a country or nation can make available to her people. The below quote said by His Imperial Majesty, has provided the University a guiding light to ensure that the Degrees and education provided by our institution is able to enlighten and uplift the students who enrol.

"Without education a nation or state cannot progress and provide a forward thinking and moving society which can meet the demands of the future and improve the lives of her Citizens and therefore the purpose of education is meet the demands of the future and improve the lives of others" - William, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark.

Legal Studies are the main education currently provided, and this will ensure that Lehmark has a cadre of well educated lawyers, magistrates' and professionals which can serve the Empire and the Imperial Government.

The University also boasts a well equipped library, which provides students with with a full version of most written documents of the Empire. The Library ensures that every student has more than enough resources to complete their studies and excel in what they have set out to do.

Disclaimer: The Imperial University of Lehmark is not an accredited educational institution and all Degrees gained from this University cannot be used outside of the borders of the Empire of Lehmark.

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Degrees Currently Offered

Imperial Law of Lehmark - Open for Enrolment

Description of Degree:

The Imperial Law of Lehmark Degree covers all aspects of Constitutional, Imperial Decree and Administrative Law. This offers students an in-depth look into the development of the legal framework of the Empire of Lehmark, as well as offering a look into the functionality of the Supreme Court, Governmental Departments and the powers of the Emperor and Autocrat.

This Degree will also include a Basic Introduction to the legalities surrounding Human Rights in Lehmark. This Course is a Prerequisite for the Degree in the Human Rights of Lehmark.

Practising Law in the Empire of Lehmark

Completing this Degree will allow you to practise Law in the Empire of Lehmark.

As of 20 September 2020, Legal Certification as regulated by Imperial Decree XXIX, is no longer required and now lasts a lifetime, unless revoked by the Department of Justice.

Human Rights of Lehmark - Open for Enrolment

Completing the Degree - Imperial Law of Lehmark is a prerequisite.

Description of Degree:

The Human Rights of Lehmark Degree has an in-depth explanation and analysis of the Constitutionally established Bill of Rights of the Empire of Lehmark and the meaning behind each established Right and the principles behind them.

The Degree will clearly discuss the 17 Basic Human Rights of Lehmark and will also take an in depth look at LGBTIQ+ Rights, Womens Rights, United Nations Charter Rights and Internet and Privacy Rights.

Practising Law in the Empire of Lehmark

This Degree is an extension of the Imperial Law, and is not a requirement to practice law in Lehmark.

Imperial University of Lehmark Enrolment

All Citizens of Lehmark are invited as part of their Constitutional Rights to take part in higher education and graduate from the Imperial University of Lehmark with a Degree. There is currently 3 positions in the Imperial Government available for those who graduate.

The Imperial University of Lehmark also has 2 spaces reserved for foreign students.

Once the application is receive and method of payment chosen, those who apply will receive within 7 days, their:

  • Username and password

  • Link to the University Library

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

In accordance with Imperial Decree XXIX - On Regulation of Professions, University and Student Support and Imperial Decree XLVIII - On Overriding Articles For Imperial Decree XXIX

  • The Imperial University of Lehmark will be non-profit. All profits must either be directed back into the Imperial Treasury or will be injected into the University to expand capacity, this will be decided bi-monthly by the Chancellor of the Imperial University.

  • Students must finish and pass their enrolled Degree within the prescribed time of each degree or face a fine and/or expulsion from the Imperial University.

  • Upon approval to the University, the Department of Education will email to you within 7 days your username and password which will provide access to the University Portal. From here students are permitted to enrol formally into each accepted Degree and pay for said Degrees via the online payment methods.

  • Students are expected to pass each and every section, and module of their enrolled and chosen Degrees. Students are permitted 2 re-submissions of each test, assignments or project. No re-submissions are permitted for the final examination. Instructors are required to provide necessary feedback for each section and module.

  • All Citizens of Lehmark are to be accepted for enrolment into the Imperial University, where space is available, pursuant to the established Bill of Rights, Articles on Education and Basic Services Access.

University Library of Lehmark

The University Library has been designed so that students of the Imperial University of Lehmark have access to greater amounts of information and other resources so that they can complete their studies in their chosen fields.

The University Library is currently only open to Students of the University, the link above will display a "404" error for those who are not Students of the University.

Currently the University Library provides students with access to:

  • The full version of the Imperial Constitution of Lehmark.

  • The full version of the Criminal Law Code of Lehmark.

  • A full version of the Imperial Decree Library.