Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark

His Imperial Majesty, William Lehman, Emperor and Autocrat of LehmarkOfficial Portrait 2021
The Emperor and Autocrat writing a letter to the President of China regarding China's CFC production. 2019.
The Emperor and Autocrat writing a letter to the President of Brazil over the Amazon Rainforest Fire. 2019.

His Imperial Majesty, William Lehman I Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark is the founder and current Sovereign Ruler and Head of State/Government of the Empire of Lehmark.

The Emperor and the story of Lehmark’s beginning

I always had a keen interest in politics and governance; and as I grew up I realised the system I once supported was broken and corrupted. I lost faith in the Parliament of Australia, the politicians and the democratic process. It didn't matter who you voted for because nothing changed, nothing improved. The politicians were only concerned about being re-elected, they've proven time and time again that they didn't care about the people or about working to better the nation or resolve the evolving Climate Crisis.

On 17 April 2019, I stumbled across a documentary online about micronationalism. I learnt that through micronationalism anyone could build their own country, however they wanted, and all that was needed was land and a name.

On 19 April 2019, I declared via Imperial Decree that my house and land, was now the Empire of Lehmark, with myself as the Head of State as the Emperor and Autocrat. The following day the Constitution was accepted by Imperial Decree, and a month later we added the Bill of Rights.

My goal with the Empire of Lehmark was to create a benevolent autocracy that worked to benefit the people, and to create a society that was open and accepting, and a society that respected and valued the Freedoms and Rights of her people and cared for and protected the environment.

In order to achieve this goal I chose autocratic monarchism over democracy, as I felt democracy had become corrupted and I knew I would not corrupt or abuse the powers of the Office of Emperor and Autocrat.

The Empire of Lehmark is known for our extensive Citizen Services, our active and dedicated Imperial Government, and our open, accepting and active online community.

Our commitment to Lehmarkian Nationalism has created a national identity we can be proud of. However, by far our greatest asset is our multiculturalism, and our unique ability to unite people from all walks of life and all points of the Compass.

Only by working together can we build a better tomorrow.