National Holidays

Imperial Decree XCVII - On National Holidays sets out the Empire of Lehmark's National Celebrations, Festivals and Public Holidays, which make up the National Calendar

While Lehmark has Civil Holidays such as Independence Day and the Emperor's Birthday, many Festivals and Celebrations found in the National Calendar are holidays and celebrations created by Imperial Decree XCVI - On Sol Invictus. Sol Invictus is intended to be a 'Lehmarkian Cultural Aspect', which was created by the Emperor and Autocrat, with the support of the Imperial Government, with the express purpose of creating Public Holidays and Celebrations for the Empire with some unique quirks of celebration. 

Official National Calendar

Celebrations and Festivals Explained

Familia Prandum

Is a Public Holiday and an annual feast which takes place on 14 March. Familia Prandium means ‘family meal’ and on this day families gather to share their love through food. 

In the evening – light 1 Candle, to remember any lost family members, allow it to burn out. Reciting the Tantum Invocatio is preferred but optional.

Sol Messis

The Sol Messis, is a harvest festival held 12–18 April annually, on this day we celebrate the harvest and fresh crops through baking and light. The Festival takes place in the following manner:

Lucerna Lumen

Is a Ceremony and Public Holiday. On 13 June annually, a Lantern is lit as a gift to Sol Invictus, the Tantum Invocatio is recited (optional). 

Coctum Panem

This event takes place annually on the Winter Solstice. Coctum Panem means ‘baked bread’ on this day the Caeremonia Solis Invictus is performed and an oven baked Cobb Loaf is made, which is then shared with friends and family at a family gathering. 

Arbor Plantationis Ceremonia

Arbor Plantationis Ceremonia, is the Tree Planting Ceremony. On this day, we plant a tree or plant in our gardens at home, or a pot plant inside. This occurs annually on September 20 and is a Public Holiday. 

Dies Natalis Solis Invicti

Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, Birth of the Invincible Sun, is the most important ceremony of Sol Invictus, occurring between 20 – 26 December annually, this ceremony has four aspects:

Provincial Day Celebrations

Each Lehmarkian Province, excluding the Capital Province, has a unique way to Celebrate the Annexation of their Province, it involves something unique to the Province or the person who annexed it and sharing that with the Provincial Community on Discord. 

Saint George Day

On 29 July annually there is a Provincial Public Holiday to Celebrate the Founding of the Province of Saint George.

Saint Georgians celebrate Saint George Day by learning one new word in French and sharing in the Provincial Discord Channel.

Salop Day

On 25 April annually there is a Provincial Public Holiday to Celebrate the Founding of the Province of Salop.

Salopians celebrate by learning one new Science fact and sharing with their friends and in the Provincial Discord Channel.

Plymouth Day

On 1 September annually there is a Provincial Public Holiday to Celebrate the Founding of the Province of Plymouth.

Plymouthese celebrate by giving a small gift to a loved one, someone they care about or donating to a charity.