State Government

Information and Application

  • Open to all Lehmarkians - Honorary and Full.

  • Grade 5 Salary at 1,500LDT per month. 18,000LDT per annum.

  • Imperial Proconsuls are appointed to ensure State compliance with Imperial Law; to contact their constituency on a regular basis; to represent their constituency to the Imperial Senate.

  • Imperial Proconsuls are permitted to present proposed Imperial Decrees for their State to the Emperor and Autocrat.

  • Imperial Proconsuls are Appointed by the Emperor and Autocrat every 6 months on 1 January and 1 June.

Change Your State Registration

Lehmarkians can use this Form to request a change to their Electoral Registration and swap States. There is no limit on the amount of times a Citizen can do this.

Make a Suggestion

Lehmarkians can use this Form to make a suggestion. These suggestions will be presented to the Imperial Senate by your appointed Imperial Proconsul.

Current Imperial Proconsuls

Imperial Proconsul for the State of Armstrong

Sir Mohamed Adhan, Count of the Empire of Lehmark OM KLOC

Imperial Proconsul for the State of Saint George

Sir Yannick Beuvelet, Duke of Saint George GIOL OM

Imperial Proconsul for the State of Salop

Sir Aidan Pierce, Count of Market Hill OM

Imperial Decree XXXIII - On Statehood and Imperial Proconsul

Statehood, Definition and Attainment

Definition: A State is an administrative division that has undertaken the Annexation Process; and has been recognized as a State of Lehmark by this Imperial Decree; and an Imperial Decree enacting the Treaty of Annexation.

  • As per the Constitution of the Empire, Peers of Lehmark; Landed, ‘of the Empire’ or Honorary, have no executive, legislative or judicial power within their State or Land Grant.

  • No distinction will be made for States who have Landed Nobility or not.

Current States of Lehmark:

  • Lehmark Capital State

    • Antarctic Territory (Amendment 13 December 2021)

  • State of Armstrong

    • Lord Barony of Raasay (Amendment 27 September 2020)

  • State of Saint George

  • State of Salop (Amendment 25 April 2021)

State Organization under the previous version of this Decree do not need Titles of Nobility or Associated Decrees to be updated. This Decree simply changes the names and categorization of Lehmark’s States not the titles bestowed upon Citizens or past legislation.

Imperial Proconsul

The Emperor and Autocrat will appoint a Peer of Lehmark as Imperial Proconsul of a State of Lehmark for the duration of 6 months; Imperial Proconsuls are charged with the administration of Imperial Law in the States of Lehmark; Imperial Proconsuls will ensure State compliance with regard to Imperial Decrees, Memorandum and necessary policies and regulations.

  • All Imperial Proconsuls must make contact with their constituency at least once every 30 days and deliver a report to the Imperial Government during meetings of the Imperial Senate.

    • The Emperor and Autocrat may create the position of Minister of Imperial Proconsuls to assist with the management of the Imperial Proconsuls and support with their duties.

    • This point is exempted should the Imperial Proconsul be maintaining regular contact with their State, through the State chatrooms on Discord.

  • Imperial Proconsuls will represent their constituency to the Imperial Senate, and strive to benefit the State and Citizens.

  • Authority of Imperial Proconsuls are to be derived from the idea of ‘rational-legal authority’; whereby authority is derived from policy, law and bureaucracy.

  • Imperial Proconsuls will oversee State compliance with Imperial Law by ensuring the Emperor and Autocrat’s Decrees are carried out and implemented by Imperial Proconsuls personally.

  • Imperial Proconsuls must check-in on Discord daily using the Check-in Channel and the custom command !checkin

  • (Amendment 3 May 2022), the Emperor and Autocrat is able to determine the eligibility and appointment criteria of the Imperial Proconsuls. Generally speaking this means that the position of Imperial Proconsul is no longer limited to Peers.

  • (Amendment 9 March 2022) Imperial Proconsuls will be appointed as Ambassadors to their local macronation. In this instance, they will be bound by the Memorandum on Ambassadorship and are expected to:

    • Promote the Empire of Lehmark and Lehmarkian Culture

    • Attend official events in their local area when requested

    • Will set up and run a Twitter based embassy.

Additional Regulations:

  • There is to be only one (1) Imperial Proconsul per State:

    • The Lehmark Capital State will have no appointed Imperial Proconsul and will be represented by the Emperor and Autocrat.

  • Ministers and Agency Leaders of Lehmark are not permitted to serve as Imperial Proconsuls.

    • The exemption to this rule is that the position of Minister of the Imperial Proconsuls will be held by an Imperial Proconsul.

  • (Amendment 28 February 2022) As per Imperial Decree LIX, the Imperial Senate will deliberate and discuss any issues of concern and prepare a related Memorandum for presentation to the Emperor and Autocrat; of whom is bound to review and issue a decision. The Emperor and Autocrat is not bound to issue any Memorandum or Imperial Decree.

  • States of Lehmark are limited to a maximum consistency size of 30 Citizens.

  • All Imperial Proconsuls are required by this Imperial Decree:

    • To attend all meetings of the Imperial Senate; unless reasons can be provided and communicated to the Emperor and Autocrat within reasonable time.

    • All Imperial Proconsuls must be part of the Lehmark National Discord Server.

  • The Emperor and Autocrat may utilize Executive Power to remove an inactive* Imperial Proconsul from Office. No Imperial Decree is necessary, this is likewise for appointments.

*Inactive is defined as: The Imperial Proconsul missing 3 Senate Meeting Sessions in a row; or no contact from the Imperial Proconsul for at least 3 months.

Annexation Process

  1. Citizens of Lehmark may Apply via the Citizen Annexation Request Form (or the like) to begin the Annexation Process.

  2. The Department of Foreign Affairs will review the Application for Annexation and forward to the Emperor and Autocrat for final review.

  3. Upon Imperial Assent, the Applicant will be presented with a Treaty of Annexation to review. Pending no amendments the Applicant will sign and return. The Emperor will sign as well and return to the Department.

  4. The Emperor will prepare, sign and publish relevant Imperial Decree(s) to Ratify the Treaty. Thereby completing the Annexation Process. The Emperor may choose to grant Citizens the Privilege of Peerage as reward.