Department of Treasury

Minister of the Treasury and Economy 

HIM William Lehman Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark

The Department of Treasury has a wide jurisdiction over financial and economic management with its Development Plan focused on expanding the digital economy and revenue generation for the Empire.

The Department of Treasury is a central policy agency and is expected to analyse the economy of the Empire and to detect fluctuations and adjust policies as necessary, while ensuring relative and stable growth aimed at increasing employment opportunities. 

The Department manages and maintains the Imperial Bank of Lehmark as an Agency of the Department. The purpose of the Bank is to facilitate services being able to trade and facilitate payment using Lehmark Digital Token.

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Current Fiscal/Economic Policy

As at 1 August 2022

Financial Year 2020/2021 saw a GDP increase from $7,911.87 to $10,336.45, Financial Year 2021/2023 saw this decline to $9,887.43AUD - this is primarily related to lower silver prices - as the Empire's GDP primarily consists of silver bullion inventory. Current GDP per Capita sits at $143AUD and increased from $129AUD in the previous Financial Year - this was due to a Citizenship Audit in October 2021. GDP decline wasn't unexpected, and for a micronation such as Lehmark this will not be detrimental, however, the Imperial Government will establish policies aimed at expanding GDP - most likely via government investment and expanding the digital economy. 

In Financial Year 2022/2023

Business Revenue Report Form

Reporting of Incomes and Charging Times:

Annual Budget

In accordance with the Constitution of the Empire of Lehmark, every year the Department of Treasury will release an Annual Budget and Report for the previous Financial Year and the following Financial Year. 

The Financial Year in the Empire of Lehmark runs from July to June annually. 

The Imperial Government is required to release budgets and reports for the Imperial Florin and the Australian Dollar - both which are official currencies.