Department of Treasury

Minister of the Treasury

HIM William Lehman Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark

The primary duty of the Department of Treasury is the management of the Annual Budget, which is ensuring the allocation of resources, collection of fees/taxes/contribution and the payment of government wages. The Department of Treasury has the added task of being a central policy agency and is expected to analyse the economy of the Empire, and to detect fluctuations and adjust policies as necessary.

The Department utilises its jurisdiction over the economy to actively assist LFRB's and LCRB's in establishing their business in the Empire, and to provide direct investment into existing businesses.

The Department manages and maintains the Imperial Bank of Lehmark as an Agency of the Department. The purpose of the Bank is to facilitate trade and payment using the Imperial Florin.

Contact the Department of Treasury via email:

Current Fiscal/Economic Policy

As at 21 August 2021

Financial Year 2020/2021 saw a GDP increase from $7,911.87 to $10,336.45. GDP capita saw a decrease from $282.56 to a low of $129, a decline of some 50%. Lehmark's National Population increased from 33 to 80 Citizens during 17 August 2020 - 21 August 2021.

GDP goals were achieved during Financial Year 2020/2021, the collapse of GDP per capita was an unplanned for situation, policies for Financial Year 2021/2022 are being targeted towards repairing the decline of GDP per capita, and ensuring the Empire can continue to fund its expansion and development. Financial support from the Citizens is a necessary must.

In Financial Year 2021/2022:

  • Silver reserves must be expanded by 200oz or $5,000AUD (whichever is fulfilled first).

  • The Voluntary Taxation Program needs 5 new subscribers to support the Empire's continued expansion.

  • National Merchandise Items should see sales of $50AUD.

  • Continue unemployment reduction. Strict goals cannot be applied. Previous Financial Year showed reduction in unemployment, and large expansions in Citizen numbers and positions available.

  • Imperial Florin:

    • Silver expansion must be achieved, additional Imperial Florins are required for circulation and per capita recovery.

    • Release another 150,000 digital Imperial Florins.

    • Release another 15,000 printed Imperial Florins.

    • Produce a limited (25) Commemorative Imperial Florin Coin.

Voluntary Taxation Program

VTP Explained and To Register

The Voluntary Taxation Program was implemented by Imperial Decree XXII and was implemented to provide Lehmark a stable and regular source of income, that could be directly used to benefit and advance the development of the whole Empire.

Citizens who Subscribe via Patreon choose from 4 Tiers. Each Tier has levelled Rewards and Bonus'.

VTP Funded and Planned Projects

  • Production of Passports - Achieved in June 2020.

  • Production of Stamps - Achieved in April 2020.

  • Production of Postcards - Achieved in May 2020.

  • Production of Lapel Pins - Achieved November 2020.

  • Founding Lehmarkian Space Agency - Achieved January 2022.

  • Production of Flags for State Capitals - Achieved February 2022.

  • Recording our National Anthem - Achieved March 2022.

  • New Sash for the Emperor - In Progress

  • New Medals for the Order of Merit

  • University capacity expansion

  • New Imperial Florin Coin - Commemorative

  • Creation of a physical Lehmarkian Monument

Terms and Conditions

  • Free Digital ID Card - To ensure you receive this: Please send a Passport Style Photo to and your Subscription ID to

  • 15% Discount Voucher: The code will be sent to the email provided in the PayPal or Patreon transaction. This code is created uniquely for you and will give you a permanent 15% on our national merchandise. Voucher only active while Subscription is active. Voucher only valid at 'The Lehmark Store'.

  • Title of Nobility: This will be an honorary title and will be of Baron or Baroness class and the Certificate of Nobility will be provided to the email on the PayPal or Patreon subscription.

Business Revenue Report Form

Reporting of Incomes and Charging Times:

  • Businesses’ will be required to report on incomes earned for the previous 12 months by 1 July per annum or potentially become subject to penalties. The Business Contribution Fee and Business Registration Fee is determined on these reported incomes. Invoices for both Fees will be issued by 1 August annually. Businesses have 30 days from issuing to pay the Invoice risk revocation of the Business Registration, and/or other additional penalties. Thus Businesses have until 31 August annually to register their business for the following 12 months, by ensuring payment of the issued Invoice.

Annual Budget

In accordance with the Constitution of the Empire of Lehmark, every year the Department of Treasury will release an Annual Budget and Report for the previous Financial Year and the following Financial Year.

The Financial Year in the Empire of Lehmark runs from July to June annually.

The Imperial Government is required to release budgets and reports for the Imperial Florin and the Australian Dollar - both which are official currencies.

Minister of the Economy and Employment

Sir Brice Duke, Count of the Empire of Lehmark

Agency of the Economy and Employment

The Agency of Economy and Employment was founded under Imperial Decree LIV and is primarily charged with economic development through numerous policies.

  1. The Agency of Economy and Employment will be responsible for:

    1. Business Centre and Commercial Development Policy.

    2. Development of International Trade.

    3. Employment and Job Creation policy.

    4. Agricultural development policy.

    5. Employee and Employer rights and responsibilities.

    6. Salary Chart for Government Employees.

    7. The Agency of the Economy and Employment will Investigate cases of:

      1. Tax evasion

      2. Corruption

      3. Unethical commercial activities

      4. Unfair wage payments

      5. Unfair dismissals

      6. Breaches of International Trade Treaties

Contact the Agency of Economy and Employment via email:

Connect with the Agency on Twitter: @LehmarkAEAE

National Wages

Imperial Decree XLII established National Wages and Pensions, this was overridden on 20 March 2022 by Imperial Decree LXX, and a Salary Chart has been introduced for Government Employees.

Salary Chart for Workers of the Imperial Government

  • Grade 1 – Minister of the Imperial Government:

    • Salary set at 2,200LDT per month. 26,400LDT per annum.

  • Grade 2 – Agency Leader of the Imperial Government:

    • Salary set at 1,800LDT per month. 21,600LDT per annum.

  • Grade 3 – Chief Justice of the Supreme Court:

    • Salary set at 2,000LDT per month. 24,000LDT per annum.

  • Grade 4 – President of the Imperial Senate

    • Salary set at 1,700LDT per month. 20,400LDT per annum.

  • Grade 5 – Imperial Proconsul of a State of Lehmark

    • Salary set at 1,500LDT per month. 18,000LDT per annum.

  • Grade 6 – Ambassador of Lehmark

    • Salary set at 1,500LDT per month. 18,000LDT per annum.

  • Grade 7 – Corporate Government Employees:

    • Salary set at 1,600LDT per month. 19,200LDT per annum.

  • Grade 8 – General Government Employee:

    • Salary set at 1,400LDT per month. 16,800LDT per annum.

    • Being defined as any other Government Employee not specifically prescribed in the Chart.

General Wages Legislation – Overwriting Imperial Decree XLII and LI

With Imperial Decree LXXXVII the Imperial Florin has lost favor as the preferred currency and has turned into a purely physical currency the LDT will become the preferred method of payment of wages.

  • With the creation of the Imperial Bank of Lehmark bot on the Discord Server the Treasury will conduct monthly payment of wages into Citizen accounts held by the bot.

  • There will be a minimum payment of 1,000LDT per month for all employees in the Empire.

  • An absolute maximum of 3,500LDT per month of all employees in the Empire.


  1. Private/public/government businesses/organisations in the Empire who conduct business with the Australian Dollar, Imperial Florin or LDT are still expected to pay a wage relevant to the value of the Imperial Florin in accordance and outlined with the values in this decree.

  2. The Department of Treasury (“DOT”) will be expected to pay government employees in accordance with this decree. The DOT does not have the right or privilege to pay employees below the established minimum.

  3. The DOT will issue letters annually 7 days before 1 July informing Government workers of the annual wage increase and the amount their pay will increase to.

  4. Private/public/government businesses/organisations will issue letters annually before 1 July informing workers of the annual wage increase and the amount their pay will increase to.

National Pension

Imperial Decree XLII (Updated by Imperial Decree LI and Overridden by Imperial Decree LXX) established a National Pension for those who hit the age of retirement (70 years of age), Imperial Decree LXX expanded this pension to include those with a Disability.

The established Pension Rate is 1,200LDT monthly/12,000LDT per annum.

National Pension As Outlined In Imperial Decree LXX

  1. The Empire establishes the age of retirement to be 70 years of age:

    1. Retirement is not compulsory and Citizens may choose to continue to work for as long as they please:

      1. If a Citizen is ready to retire they must submit a letter confirming intent to retire to both the Department of Treasury and Internal Affairs.

  2. The Empire established a National Pension which will be paid to those who are 70 years or above and have retired. If a Citizen has retired and is on the pension, chooses to go back to work, they will lose the pension until such a time they have retired again:

    1. The Imperial Government has the power to increase/decrease the National Pension by any amount, (this also includes the annual increase), during the year and the mandated annual increase will still occur on 1 July as per this decree.

  3. Those who have a disability and wish to claim the Pension need to submit a letter signed by their Doctor to the Department of Health describing their disability. The Department of Health will then approve a Pension.