Department of Social Development

Minister of Social Development

Sir Caleb Ashworth, Count of Plymouth OM KLOC

The Department of Social Development replaced the Department of Health by Imperial Decree on 23 August 2022. 

The Department was created out of a need to begin supplying social services and welfare to the Citizens of the Empire - such as the JobCreator Grant and the GraduatorGrant. Public Health was absorbed into the Department of Social Development and thus the Department will manage the Lehmarkian Health System as well, this includes LHS Providers and Medical Rebates. 

The National Health Insurance Company pays for health services provided to Lehmarkians by a LHS Provider and rebates up to 20,000LDT per annum per Lehmarkian. Part of the NHIC responsibilities is to also manage the payments of Pensions (Retired and Disability).

Social Services Provided:

Contact the Department of Social Development via email: 

Contact the Department of Social Development via Twitter: @LehDOSD 

National Health Insurance Company

The National Health Insurance Company was founded by Letters Patent on 6 November 2021 and is responsible for the management of the National Health Insurance Scheme. All Citizens of Lehmark are entitled to recover up to 20,000LDT per year in medical costs provided by a LHS Provider, this includes any hospital and clinic costs if they were provided by a LHS Provider. 

The Company is managed by the Commissioner for Health Insurance and is responsible to the Minister of Social Development, and who will work in conjunction with the Department of Social Development to assist with the management and registration of LHS Providers.

Medical Rebate Eligibility Information

Lehmarkians are eligible to access the Lehmarkian Healthcare System which is comprised of every Lehmarkian Healthcare Provider.

The services provided by Lehmarkian Healthcare Providers as part of the Lehmarkian Healthcare System are fully paid for by the National Health Insurance (NHI) which is managed by the National Health Insurance Company (NHIC). It should be noted only eligible accounts will be paid, which is defined as:

As of 12 May 2022, the NHIC will now be responsible for the monthly payments of National Pensions (Retired and Disabled) through funds provided by the Imperial Treasury and audited by the Department of Social Development and the Department of Treasury. Payments are conducted via the Imperial Bank of Lehmark Bot on the Lehmark National Discord Server.


The GraduatorGrant aims to reward Lehmarkians for successfully completing their studies at the Imperial University of Lehmark. 

Graduated Lehmarkians are entitled to a 1,000LDT payment per completed Degree - the Grant is paid once per completed Degree.

A copy of your Completion Certificate will need to be provided as evidence of graduation - this will then be cross-referenced with Government Databases. 

JobCreator Grant

The JobCreator Grant is a monthly grant paid (500LDT) to approved Lehmarkians for a period of 6 months, with the recipient promising to secure employment within the Empire by the end of that period. 

At the end of 6 month period it is expected the recipient will have secured employment within the Empire, failing to secure employment - without a good reason, will result in the Grant needing to be paid back in full*. 

*Failing to repay the Grant will result in Criminal Charged under the Criminal Law Code. 

National Pension - Retired and Disabled

The Empire of Lehmark pays a National Pension to Lehmarkians who have retired from the workforce, or who have a proven disability.

National Pension - Retired

Retired Citizens can use the below Form to apply for the National Pension, the Form will request a signed letter formally declaring that you have retired and have exited the workforce. 

To return to the workforce, please contact the Department of Social Development via Email stating you wish to return to the workforce, we will process your email and inform you once its completed and the payments cease. 

National Pension - Disability

Lehmarkians who have a diagnosed disability are eligible to apply for the National Pension using the Form below. 

The Form will request evidence of your disability - this can be as simple as a signed letter from your treating General Practitioner or this can be a Report from a Specialist which details the disability. 

Rate of Payment

The National Pension is paid at the same rate for both retirees and disabled persons at 2,500LDT per month - the National Minimum Wage.