Lehmark Business Centre

Lehmark Business Centre Information

Since Lehmark's founding a number of companies have been registered and created by Letters Patent issued by His Imperial Majesty.

Lehmark's commercial development has primarily been in the fields of:

  • Finance/Investment

  • Website Services

  • Legal Services

  • Merchandise

  • Precious Metals

  • Media Services

  • Healthcare/Insurance

A Register of currently Registered company can be found below. This Register contains more information on their respective sector as well as contact and website information for each company.

Citizens and foreign companies/investors can use the Application Form and information below. Those foreign investors who do register a company in Lehmark will be subject to Lehmarkian Laws and Financial Policy.

Business Register of Lehmark

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Lehmark Investment Corporation

A private company specialising in finance/investment and precious metals.

Registration Date: 10 July 2019/16 May 2020

Registration Renewal Date: 31 August annually

Letters Patent: Letters Patent - LIC

Lehmark Business Number: 765-912-08/K

Lehmark Broadcasting Corporation

A government company specialising in digital media presentations.

Registration Date: 20 July 2020

Registration Renewal Date: 31 August annually

Letters Patent: Letters Patent - LBC

Lehmark Business Number: 765-755-98/K

Lehmark Law & Associates

Lehmark Law & Associates provides independent professional legal advice to the Imperial Government and its Departments and Agencies, Lehmark Registered Enterprises and Citizens of the Empire.

Registration Date: 6 November 2019

Registration Renewal Date: 31 August annually

Letters Patent: Letters Patent - LL&A

Lehmark Business Number: 765-746-45/K

Micronational Web Services

A government company specialising in website based services.

Registration Date: 23 February 2020

Registration Renewal Date: 31 August annually

Letters Patent: Letters Patent - MWS

Lehmark Business Number: 765-348-85/K

National Health Insurance Company

A Company specialising in the management of NHI and LHS Providers.

Registration Date: 6 November 2021

Registration Renewal Date: Not Applicable

Letters Patent: Letters Patent - NHIC

Lehmark Business Number: 765-014-63/K

Quick Whizzes Tech

A Company specialising in IT and Tech Support.

Registration Date: 3 March 2022

Registration Renewal Date: 31 August annually.

Letters Patent: Letters Patent - QWT

Lehmark Business Number: 765-547-21/JH

Business Registration Information and Application

Procedure to Register a Lehmarkian Business

  • Choose the most appropriate Form of Business (i.e. Sole Trader or Corporation).

  • Create a Business Plan.

    • Required for Sole Trader/Medium Business and Corporations.

  • Create a Financial Report. Must include comprehensive details on income and expenses for the last 12 months.

    • Only required for Corporations.

  • Ensure you understand Registration Fees.

  • Ensure you understand Annual Income Reporting.

  • Read the Application Process and Legal Disclaimer.

  • Now you are ready to apply to register your business using the below Business Registration Application Form.

Sole Trader/Medium Business Information

    • Defined as a single person business.

    • Sole Traders are personally liable for all debts and fees.

    • Can Hire Employees. Maximum 20 Employees.

    • Must pay wages in accordance with the National Wages Legislation.

    • All Forms of Business must keep records and transaction accounts for a minimum of 5 years.

    • Sole Traders can conduct business using either Australian Dollars or LDT.

    • Only Lehmarkians can Register a Business as a Sole Trader/Medium Business

Corporation Information

    • Defined as a Agreed and Contracted Formation of the Company, with a Director, Board of Directors and Shareholders. Companies are separate legal entities, with a defined scope of liability (limited by shares or guarantee, unlimited or no liability placed upon Shareholders).

    • Liability Definition:

      • Limited by Shares: Shareholder liability is limited to the amount unpaid remaining on said Shares. This is the most common type of company.

      • Limited by Guarantee: Shareholder liability is limited to the amount they have agreed to contribute if the company is bankrupted.

      • Unlimited Liability: Liability is not limited. These Companies are typically Investment and Mutual Funds.

      • No Liability: Shareholders have no liability to pay any calls on their shares but Shares can be forfeited.

    • Can be Private or Publicly listed.

      • Private Companies: Must have at least 1 Shareholder and 1 Director, who may be the same person. Will have Shareholders made up of the Director, and Board of Directors. Private Companies, are limited in Share size via the size of Company debt and limited in Shareholder numbers and is limited to 20 Shareholders.

      • Publicly listed companies: Must have at least 1 Shareholder (with no upper limit) and 3 Directors, who may be the same person. Will have Shareholders made up of the Director, Board of Directors and Members of the Public who have purchased Shares on a Share Market. With no limit on Shareholders.

    • Companies have a "Corporate Veil" meaning they are separate legal entities and thus Directors, are not personally liable for debts.

    • Companies are bound to act within the boundaries established by their Company Agreement.

    • Can Hire Employees

    • Must pay wages in accordance with the National Wages Legislation.

    • All Forms of Business must keep records and transactionary accounts for a minimum of 5 years.

    • Corporations are limited to conducting business with Australian Dollars for macronational taxation purposes.

    • Lehmarkians cannot Register a Corporation, this type of business is specific to Foreign entities.

Business Plan Explained: What to Include

  • Chosen industry or sector

  • Reason for registering the business

  • Who is involved with the business

  • How will your business involve the Citizens of Lehmark

  • Method of revenue, potential expenses - provide a detailed first budget.

  • How will the business evolve and develop.

  • How will the business give back to the Lehmarkian Community

  • Will you produce physical products

  • What supply chains will you use

  • Please detail manufacturing

Corporation Agreement Requirements:

  • A Corporation Agreement needs to establish:

    • The Directors; their responsibilities

    • The Shareholders (and nature of liability)

    • The nature of the business your undertaking

    • The Agreement also needs to outline the Functionality of the Company and businesses.

Business Registration Fees

  • The Registration Fee is expressly payable in Lehmark Digital Token and based on the Scale of Charges.

  • The Registration Fee will provides annual Registration until 31 August. Registration is paid annually and lasts 12 months.

  • This Fee is initially charged upon Business Approval. Payment terms are 14 days; or Business License is revoked

Scale of Charges:

Sole Trader/Medium Business:

  • (Scale 1) Annual revenue: <$1,000AUD/6,000LDT= 100LDT

  • (Scale 2) Annual revenue: >$1,000AUD/6,000LDT but <$3,000AUD/15,000LDT = 500LDT

  • (Scale 3) Annual revenue: >$3,000AUD/15,000LDT = 750LDT


  • (Scale 1) Annual revenue: <$300,000AUD = 10,000LDT

  • (Scale 2) Annual revenue: >$300,000AUD but <$800,000AUD = 20,000LDT

  • (Scale 3) Annual revenue: >$800,000AUD= 50,000LDT

Income Reporting Requirements:

Every business must submit an income Report by 1 July annually detailing the previous 12 months income and expenses.

  • An invoice will be issued for the Registration costs by 1 August. You have 30 days to pay the invoice or lose your licence.

  • Registration lasts 12 months.

  • Reporting is done via the Business Revenue Report Form on the Department of Treasury page.

Application Process

  • The Department of Treaty ("the DOT") will review the Application and will respond to the provided email address within 1 month.

  • If the DOT finds the information to be acceptable, you will receive your Letters Patent and Lehmark Business Number and an Invoice for the Registration Fee.

  • If the DOT finds the information provided incomplete or requiring further specifics they will contact you via the provided email.

  • If the DOT rejects your application you will be informed and will also be informed of the reasons.

Legal Disclaimer

Any company that chooses to register in The Empire of Lehmark does so at their own risk. Foreign Forms of Business are able to register their Forms of Business within the Empire of Lehmark for taxation purposes however as Lehmark is an unrecognised micronation, registering in Lehmark for taxation purposes may be deemed illegal by other macronations and could incur penalties and charges. Foreign Forms of Business who do register within Lehmark accept all responsibility and liability should such legal action be brought against them. Lehmark is therefore not responsible for legal actions brought against any foreign Forms of Business because of this registration. Foreign Forms of Business are advised to determine their legal status and obligations prior to registering with the Empire of Lehmark. The Empire of Lehmark formally advises that foreign Forms of Business who do register only do so for the novelty of having such a registration.