Employment Requirements & Vacancies

General Requirements & Information:

  • Be both a Lehmarkian and verified on our Discord Server.

  • Reasonable English abilities - reading, writing and spoken.

  • Allow for and dedicate adequate time to your position*.

  • Positions are salaried and paid in LDT, monthly.

Minister and Agency Leader Specifics:

  • First time Ministers receive a 'sign on bonus' of 7,500LDT**.

  • Imperial Decree LXXXVIII establishes a minimum age of 17 for all Ministerial and Agency Leader positions.

The 'Expected Workload':

*Approximately 1 - 3 hours per week, or, 2 - 5 hours per week as a Minister/Agency Leader**LDT will be deposited by the Department of Treasury into the Imperial Bank of Lehmark Bot on Discord.***Ministers can negotiate with the Emperor and Autocrat to change the Development Plan.

Vacant Positions

Corporate Positions in the Government

Administration Positions in the Government

Private Listings in Lehmarkian Businesses