Digital ID Card

Pay LDT with IBOL Bot on Discord

  1. Log into Discord, go to #imperial-bank-of-lehmark channel.

  2. Check balance: Command '/balance'.

  3. Paying for it:

    1. Command: '/pay'

    2. Amount: 200LDT

    3. Recipient: William Lehman

    4. Note: Your UCIN

  4. Upload a Passport Style Photo using the Form on the left. We will email you the final product within 48 hours.

Digital ID Cards

Under Imperial Decree LXXXIII - On Digital ID Cards and ID Documentation, the Empire of Lehmark only recognises our Digital ID Card, this ID Card also doubles as a Passport between Lehmark and other micronations. It cannot be used for macronational ID purposes, unless accompanying the required macronational documents required for identification purposes.