Department of TREASURY

The Minister of the Treasury

William Lehman, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark

Department of Treasury

Description of Department

The Department of Treasury of the Empire of Lehmark is one of the most important Department's in the Empire and its primary function is to oversee responsible for the collection of fees, payment of citizens pensions and wages and the planning and carrying out administration of the Imperial Budget. Part of this responsibility is. The Department of Treasury ensures that each Government Department also receives appropriate funding as per the Budget, and to does not exceed spending limitations.

This Department of Treasury has the added task of being is a central policy agency and is expected required to analyse the economy of the Empire, and to predict detect fluctuations and potential issues and is then expected to adjust policies accordingly.

Besides financial collection the Department is also tasked with ensuring economic development of the Empire, this is primarily done through government investment and development of commerce. The Department manages and maintains the Imperial Bank of Lehmark as an Agency of the Department. The Bank's primary function is to allow payments between Citizens and businesses, besides this, the Bank also helps to stabilise the value of the Imperial Florin by ensuring current circulating Florin's do not exceed the prescribed limit of 1,000,000f.

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Current Fiscal/Economic Policy

As at 14 June 2020

Having achieved our goals last Financial Year 2019/2020 the Empire of Lehmark will embark upon slightly more ambitious projects. Last year we managed to achieve a GDP of $7,911.87AUD and at time of calculation that equates to $282.56AUD per capita.

In Financial Year 2020/2021 the Empire of Lehmark will:

  • Expand silver reserves by $2,000AUD

  • Expand Imperial Development Scheme by 5 Citizens

  • Increase The Lehmark Store sales

  • Gain 2 customers for Micronational Web Services

  • Increase Imperial University Graduates by 2 Citizens

  • Reduce unemployment by 30%

These policies will hopefully push Lehmark's GDP up to $10,000AUD, which would make us one of the wealthiest micronations in the world. This will secure our economic and fiscal future.

As for the status of the Imperial Florin, if we manage to successfully expand our silver reserves the Imperial Bank of Lehmark will be able to:

  • Release another 150,000 Imperial Florins

  • Print another 10,000 Imperial Florin Notes

  • By the end of 2020 produce silver plated Lehmark Coins.

Imperial Development Scheme

The Imperial Development Scheme was implemented by the Emperor and Autocrat, as a voluntary contribution system monetized by the Citizens, starting from 6 July 2019. The Scheme was implemented to provide the Nation a stable and regular source of income, that could be directly used to benefit and advance the Empire. The Scheme is not enforced onto any Citizen, but instead, Citizens can freely 'Subscribe' to and 'Unsubscribe' from the Scheme.

  • Citizens who want to Subscribe to the Scheme, can use the PayPal button above to Subscribe to the Imperial Development Scheme. A payment will automatically be taken every 12 months, until ceased by the Citizen.

The Imperial Development Scheme has so far supported:

  • Production of Passports - Achieved in June 2020.

  • Production of Stamps - Achieved in April 2020.

  • Production of Postcards - Achieve in May 2020.

The Imperial Development Scheme will support:

  • Purchase of Silver Bullion (Necessary for currency expansion)

  • Expanding the Greenery Initiative

  • Towards the creation of a Lehmarkian Monument

Terms and Conditions

As set out in Imperial Decree XXX - On Imperial Taxation Policy 2019 - 2020 - Amended 13 January 2021

  • Starting on 13 January 2021 the annual rate for the IDS will be $15AUD.

  • Citizens who join the Scheme will pay the IDS on the day and then 12 months following on the same date. A Citizen may opt out of the Imperial Development Scheme the following payment.

  • Citizens will have 60 days to pay the Scheme in full or face criminal charges under the Lehmark Criminal Law Code.

Business Revenue Report Form

This Form must be used by Lehmark Foreign and Citizen Registered Businesses when reporting annual revenue.

Annual revenue must be reported by 1 July every year, reporting after this date could result in criminal charges and fines/or fines.

The Department of Treasury uses the responses reported by each Company to determine the Company Registration and Contribution Fee as laid out in the Scale of Charges. The Department of Treasury will issue an invoice by 1 August every year for the determined amount and Company's have 30 days from the issuing of the invoice to pay said invoice or face revocation of registration and criminal or civil charges.

Annual Budget and Taxation Policies

In accordance with the Constitution of the Empire of Lehmark, every year the Department of Treasury will release a budget and report for the previous and next financial year. The Constitution establishes that the annual budget is not allowed to exceed the income or expenses of the previous financial year, to ensure the Imperial Government does not go into debt and to ensure a stable and healthy economy.

The Financial Year in the Empire of Lehmark runs from July to June annually.

The Imperial Government is required to release budgets and reports for the Imperial Florin and the Australian Dollar - both which are official currencies.

As part of current financial practises in Lehmark the Emperor and Autocrat and the Department of Treasury will negotiate the following to be included as part of the budget for the next financial year:

  • Increase/decrease of current taxes or introduction of new taxes

  • Increase/decrease in Department or Government expenses

  • New Financial Policy

  • New Economic Policy

Business Registration Definitions and Reporting Times

In accordance with Imperial Decree LI - On Imperial Budget 2020 - 2021 and Taxation Reform

Lehmark Business Registration Definition (Wording Changed 20 Nov 20).

Lehmark will now register two forms of businesses: Applicable to Sole Traders, Partnerships, Companies and Trusts (“Forms of Business”).

  • Lehmark Citizen Registered Business

  • Lehmark Foreign Registered Business

Lehmark Citizen Registered Business:

LCRB’s are Forms of Business established by Citizens of Lehmark and are exclusively registered in the Empire of Lehmark. These Forms of Business are defined as small, micronational scale enterprises that do not typically return large annual incomes but do provide significant contribution to the economy of the Empire of Lehmark.

Lehmark Foreign Registered Business:

LFRB’s are Forms of Business previously registered in a macronation and have chosen to register themselves in the Empire of Lehmark. These Forms of Business are of varying sizes and can typically return large annual incomes and provide large scale economic activity.

For the purpose of economic protection however, LFRB’s registered in Lehmark are not permitted to establish storefronts and sell products but will instead be required to sell their products to a LCRB at no more than 50% additional to total production cost. The LCRB is then permitted to sell those products in Lehmark for profit.

Reporting of Incomes and Charging Times:

Businesses’ will be required to report on incomes earned for the previous 12 months by 1 July per annum or potentially become subject to penalties. The Business Contribution Fee and Business Registration Fee is determined on these reported incomes. Invoices for both Fees will be issued by 1 August annually. Businesses have 30 days from issuing to pay the Invoice risk revocation of the Business Registration, and/or other additional penalties. Thus Businesses have until 31 August annually to register their business for the following 12 months, by ensuring payment of the issued Invoice.

Business Registration and Contribution Fees and Business Scale of Charges

In accordance with Imperial Decree LI - On Imperial Budget 2020 - 2021 and Taxation Reform

Changes to Business Registration Fees:

Registration Fees will be charged in the following manner:

  • For the initial registration of either a LCRB or LFRB Scale 1 on the Business Scale of Charges is applied.

  • This initial registration fee will provide registration until 31 August the following year, at which time registration will be charged again inline with the Business Scale of Charges.

  • This is fee is separate to the Business Contribution Fee.

Business Scale of Charges:

This scale determines the rate of Fees for both the Business Contribution Fee and Business Registration Fee. Both the Business Contribution and Registration Fees are enforceable regardless of profit or loss as the Fees are calculated based on income. (See Purview for details if a company earns less than $50AUD or 100f in a financial year).

Only Imperial Florins can be used for payment of the Business Contribution Fee. Business Registration Fees must be paid using AUD or Imperial Florin if the Business is Registered as a LCRB.

Lehmark Citizen Registered Company

  • (Scale 1) Annual revenue: <$1,000AUD/3,000f = $15.00AUD or 100f

  • (Scale 2) Annual revenue: >$1,000AUD/3,000f but <$3,000AUD/5,000f = $35.00AUD or 220f

  • (Scale 3) Annual revenue: >$3,000AUD/5,000f = $60.00AUD or 350f

Lehmark Foreign Registered Company

  • (Scale 1) Annual revenue: <$300,000AUD = $370.00AUD

  • (Scale 2) Annual revenue: >$300,000AUD but <$800,000AUD = $580.00AUD

  • (Scale 3) Annual revenue: >$800,000AUD= $820.00AUD

Personal Income Tax

In accordance with Imperial Decree LI - On Imperial Budget 2020 - 2021 and Taxation Reform

  • As of 1 July 2020, Lehmark will cease the collection of personal incomes taxes. All personal incomes taxes from Citizens between 19 April 2019 and 1 July 2020 will be refunded by the Department of Treasury, this is due to the very insignificant amount of personal income taxes collected but also for the sake of simplicity.

Financial Investment Fee

In accordance with Imperial Decree LI - On Imperial Budget 2020 - 2021 and Taxation Reform

  • This Fee is charged at the rate of 7.5%. The fee will be collected on:

    • All Dividends and distributions received and on sale of an investment, if the investment sold returns a profit of equal or greater than 5% of the amount invested.

  • This fee will be charged only to clients of Lehmark Investment Corporation.

National Wages

Imperial Decree XLII established the idea of National Wages, both National Minimums and National Caps.

The idea of a National Minimum is to ensure that every Citizens has a guaranteed income to ensure they are able to support themselves within the jurisdiction of the Empire. Ensuring that there is equality between workers.

Constitutionally it is a established Human Right that Citizens are able to afford basic necessities, such as food, water, internet, housing and the like. Therefore it was imperative that a worth National Minimum was established so as to honour this Right. In order to keep up with inflation and presumed increases in costs and services, the Imperial Decree establishes that the National Minimum will increase annually by 3% starting on 1 July 2021.

The idea of a National Cap is to ensure that no one is paid too highly and to ensure a reasonable limit on income so as to prevent income disparity and unequal conditions.

Lehmark strives to prevent the rampant corruption and money hoarding which has taken place in modern countries, from a truly unequal and disproportionate capitalistic system which has only been to the benefit of the owners of large corporations.

As with the National Minimum the National Cap is set to rise 3% per annum starting on 1 July 2021 so as to ensure the cap can keep up with increasing costs and inflation.

National Wages As Outlined In Imperial Decree XLII (Updated in Imperial Decree LI)

  1. The Empire establishes a National Minimum Wage (“NMW”), of 10,000f per annum and a National Wage Cap (“NWC”) of 17,000f per annum.

  2. It is therefore now established that every Citizen regardless of industry, sector or gender to be paid a minimum of at least 10,000f per annum, with the expectation that this value will increase based on that persons relevant qualifications, education and merit but not exceed the established cap amount of 17,000f per annum.

  3. The Empire also hereby established that the NMW and NWC will increase by 2% per annum starting on 1 July annually with the first increase taking place on 1 July 2021:

    1. The annual increase will be revised every 5 years in order to ensure it is able to keep up with inflation and increasing costs.

    2. The Imperial Government has the power to increase/decrease the NMW and NWC by any amount, (this also includes the annual increase), during the year and the mandated annual increase will still occur on 1 July as per this decree.


  1. Private/public/government businesses/organisations in the Empire who conduct business with the Australian Dollar and/or the Imperial Florin are still expected to pay a wage relevant to the value of the Imperial Florin in accordance and outlined with the values in this decree.

  2. The Department of Treasury (“DOT”) will be expected to pay government employees in accordance with this decree. The DOT does not have the right or privilege to pay employees below the established minimum.

  3. The DOT will issue letters annually 7 days before 1 July informing Government workers of the annual wage increase and the amount their pay will increase to.

  4. Private/public/government businesses/organisations will issue letters annually before 1 July informing workers of the annual wage increase and the amount their pay will increase to.


  1. Empire Holdings and Investments (now Lehmark Investment Corporation) and Lehmark Law and Associates are both exempted from this law until such a time they have an annual turn over of at least $50AUD or 15,000f, which ever comes first:

    1. This exemption will expire on 1 July 2021.

National Pension

Once a Citizen reaches the age of 70 it is generally expected that they will retire. Retirement is optional and is not forced.

The National Pension is established at the National Minimum Wage so as to ensure the same provisions for a retired worker as they had during employment. The National Pension is set to increase annually at 2% starting 1 July 2021.

While slightly less than the National Wage increases, it is still high enough to ensure that a retired Citizen can afford basic necessities.

National Pension As Outlined In Imperial Decree XLII (Updated in Imperial Decree LI)

  1. The Empire establishes the age of retirement to be 70 years of age:

    1. Retirement is not compulsory and Citizens may choose to continue to work for as long as they please:

      1. If a Citizen is ready to retire they must submit a letter confirming intent to retire to both the Department of Treasury and Internal Affairs, the letter must be cited by a lawyer. If a Citizen is not ready to retire a letter stating the same still needs to be submitted.

  2. The Empire established a National Pension which will be paid to those who are 70 years or above and have retired. If a Citizen has retired and is on the pension, chooses to go back to work, they will lose the pension until such a time they have retired again:

    1. The National Pension will be 10,000f per annum and will increase by 2% per annum starting on 1 July annually with the first increase taking place on 1 July 2021.

    2. The Imperial Government has the power to increase/decrease the National Pension by any amount, (this also includes the annual increase), during the year and the mandated annual increase will still occur on 1 July as per this decree.

Commissioner for Commercial Affairs

Position Vacant - Apply here

Agency for Commercial Affairs

The Commission for Commercial Affairs was founded under Imperial Decree LIV and is primarily charged with ensuring the corporate and overall health of the economy of Lehmark.

The primary goal of the Commission is to establish policies for employee and employer rights to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and equally at work and that business owners aren't taking advantage of their workers.

The Commission will investigate cases of:

  1. Tax evasion

  2. Corruption

  3. Unethical commercial activities

  4. Unfair wage payments

  5. Unfair dismissals

  6. Breaches of International Trade Treaties

The Agency of Commercial Affairs has the power to press charges against any registered company of Lehmark, and to bring said charges before the Supreme Court of Lehmark for trial and judgement

Memorandum on National Development

Individualised Development Plans for Departments and Agencies, were introduced by Memorandum on 11 November 2020.

In Lehmark, Ministers and Agency Leaders have a duty to undertake necessary works that contribute towards the progression and development of Lehmark as a micronation. The Memorandum on National Development, provides directives for Ministers and Agency Leaders so they can satisfy that duty.