Employment Vacancies

Important Info and Application Form

Citizens of Lehmark, seeking paid employment in the Empire, can apply for an open Employment Vacancy using the linked Form.

  • The Imperial Government is the Empire's largest employer, and provides Citizens the option to be employed as Ministers and Agency Leaders and take a hands-on role in the direct development of our micronation. Private company listings and other Vacancies available.

If Applying For Minister/Agency Leader: Before Applying please review the below section titled 'Memorandum on National Development'.

Additional Information:

  • Employment Vacancies are only fillable by Citizens of Lehmark.

  • All positions are salaried positions and paid in Imperial Florins.

  • No Experience Required.

  • You only need 1hr per week to succeed.

NOTE: There is real work involved with all of these employment vacancies, do not apply if you are not prepared to make the effort.

Memorandum on National Development

Individualised Development Plans for Departments and Agencies, were introduced by Memorandum on 11 November 2020.

In Lehmark, Ministers and Agency Leaders have a duty to undertake necessary works that contribute towards the progression and development of Lehmark as a micronation. The Memorandum on National Development, provides directives for Ministers and Agency Leaders so they can satisfy that civic duty.

Current Employment Vacancies by Sector

Below Vacancy Notices describe each Position and Salary. Apply using the Application Form found in the previous Section (above).


Please see section 'Memorandum on National Development' before applying.

Agency Leader

Please see section 'Memorandum on National Development' before applying.