Lehmark Career Opportunities

Important Information and LCO Application Form

12 Monthly Departmental Development Plans were introduced for all Departments and Agencies officially on 11 November 2020 and provides clear, concise development instructions and expectations for new/current Ministers and Agency leaders. These Primary Plans were introduced as part of Government Policy on ensuring participation and activity amongst Citizens and to ensure that only those who are genuinely interested in making a difference to Lehmark, will apply and be accepted for Ministerial and Agency positions.

Important Information: If you are interested in a position of that listed above, please review the Primary Plans (linked above) to ensure you understand the development requirements as well as your potential expectations as a Minister or Agency leader before applying for your chosen Lehmark Career Opportunity. Lehmark is genuine in our mission for independence and nation building, if you take on a Lehmark Career Opportunity, you are expected to actually do the work, and actively participate. Those who become inactive in their roles, will be relieved of their duties if inactivity becomes extended.

Additional Information

  • Lehmark Career Opportunities are only available to Citizens. Further information on Citizenship here.

  • All positions are full time positions, 3 - 6 of dedicated work time per fortnight.

  • All positions are salaried positions, based on the National Wage and pay between 10,000 - 15,000f.

  • Potential candidates might be video interviewed as part of the hiring process and asked a series of questions related to aspects of the position and how the applying candidates skills are best suited.

  • Ministers and Agency Leaders of Lehmark are required to submit Departmental Memorandum of Progress every 2 weeks, to ensure Department compliance with timeline of Primary Plans and associated projects. The first being required on 23 November 2020.

  • Those applying cannot be high ranking within another micronation or macronation. Such as Minister or Head of State. As this would present a conflict of interest.

Current Lehmark Career Opportunities and Position Description