Department of Foreign Affairs

Department of Foreign Affairs of Lehmark

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Sir Peter Gumley, Count of Armstrong, GIOL

12 Monthly Departmental Development Plans were introduced for all Departments and Agencies officially on 11 November 2020 and provides clear, concise development instructions and expectations for new/current Ministers and Agency leaders. These Primary Plans were introduced as part of Government Policy on ensuring participation and activity amongst Citizens and to ensure that only those who are genuinely interested in making a difference to Lehmark, will apply and be accepted for Ministerial and Agency positions.

Description of Department

The Minister of the Department of Foreign Affairs is responsible for assisting and advising the Emperor and Autocrat with developing and periodically reviewing the Empire’s Foreign Policy. The Minister is required to advise the Emperor and Autocrat of situational developments in the micronational world and how these may affect Lehmark. The Minister oversees the implementation of Lehmark's Foreign Affairs activities, in particular assisting the Emperor by initiating and nurturing relationships that relate to negotiations of treaties and economic trade deals with other micronations.

When and where practical, the Minister of the Department of Foreign Affairs will promote the establishment of Lehmark Embassies and Consular representations within recognised micronations. The Minister will assist and advise the Emperor and Autocrat with processing formal requests from recognised micronations for the establishment of foreign Embassies or Legations within Lehmark.

These duties and responsibilities promote the status and prestige of the Empire of Lehmark on the micronational world stage and demonstrate the high ethical, moral and philosophical standards of benevolent governance that motivate and inspire the Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark.

Current Foreign Policy and Ratified Treaties

As at 19 October 2020

The Empire of Lehmark currently follows a Policy of recognising all Micronations as being legitimate countries and nation states. The Empire of Lehmark is currently open to accepting all Treaties of Mutual Recognition, Alliances and Economic Treaties which might be presented to the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The Empire currently claims Lehmark Capital State, Kokoda State, Imperial State of Armstrong and Imperial State of Saint George as our constituent territory and Lehmark has no territorial aspirations other than that of voluntary annexation of territory relating to actual Lehmark citizens.

With the dissolution of the Micronational Confederation the Empire of Lehmark has become a non-aligned neutral nation and does not participate in conflict between micronations. We fully condemn all micronational war and those who participate in it.

With growing issues of immaturity, misinterpreted communism, among the newer and younger members of the Micronational Community, the Empire of Lehmark will no longer engage in diplomatic relations with micronations who are:

  • Communist or totalitarian in nature

  • Abuse Human Rights

  • Governed by someone under the age of 18

Contact the Department of Foreign Affairs via email:

Annexation of Property

Citizens of Lehmark may choose to have their properties annexed into the Empire of Lehmark. Annexation is a deliberate action made by Citizens of the Empire, who wish to have a closer link and to be further involved with the development of the Empire as a whole.

If a Citizen desires their property to be part of the Empire, then they may fill out the Request Form below.

A Treaty of Annexation is signed between the Citizen of the Property and the Empire of Lehmark, if the Citizen resides in a rented dwelling on the property, then steps are taken in the Treaty of Annexation to protect the rights and responsibilities of the owner of the dwelling.

Official Definition of Annexation

Annexation implies the property and associated land has seceded from its original sovereign nation and its ownership is transferred as a State to the Empire of Lehmark. Measures are taken in the Treaty of Annexation (signed between the Citizen and the Empire) to protect the rights and responsibilities of the owner of your residential dwelling, be it yourself or a rented landlord. Citizens who do offer their residential property for annexation are rewarded with a Title of Nobility - typically that of Count or Countess.

Annexation and the Imperial Development Scheme

PLEASE NOTE: Citizens who have their property annexed into the Borders of Lehmark, are automatically opted into the Imperial Development Scheme (an annual payment to the Empire), Citizens who are annexed are given 90 days to opt out by filling out the Opt Out Form, those who do not opt out must pay the Scheme starting the next calendar year

For further information and the opt out form - Imperial Development Scheme.

Ambasadorship and Consulates

As of October 2020, the Empire of Lehmark has the development the infrastructure to established Embassies and Consulates overseas.

Citizens of Lehmark are able to become either Ambassadors or Consuls by filling out the Application below. The Memorandum on Embassy Representation established the nature and conduct of these specific diplomatic appointments.

Each role has their own specific requirements which determines the eligibility of each Citizen to be appointed to either position.

Consul vs Ambassador

Citizens of Lehmark will typically be appointed first as a Consul, in which the primary objective is to publicise and promote the interests and activities of Lehmark into local communities with the purpose of achieving recruitment of new citizens.

Consuls can be promoted to Ambassador, when direct relations between Lehmark and another Micronational governments are formally established

To be appointed as a Consul, a person must:

  • Be a Citizen of Lehmark

  • Reside in an Annexed State of Lehmark

To be appointed as a Ambassador, a person must:

  • Already be a Consul of Lehmark

  • Live no further than 180 minutes from a established Embassy (or to be established Embassy).


Salary of a Consul: 10,000f per year

Salary of a Ambassador: 11,000f per year

Please note salaries are paid in the Imperial Florin, the official currency of the Empire of Lehmark, and is not usable outside the claimed jurisdiction of the Empire.

Diplomatic Expenses

As Lehmark is a micronation, our ability to reimburse Consuls and Ambassadors for macronational expenses, is very limited.

Therefore Consuls and Ambassadors are expected to keep their expenses to a minimum, preferably nothing. If an expense is incurred, a request can be made to the Department of Treasury, who will consider the claim.

However, as Consuls and Ambassadors will be conducting their work primarily from their residential dwelling, using emails and other internet based services, the opportunity to incur macronational expenses is very limited.