Department of Culture

Minister of Sports and Science

Ann Crowhurst, Countess of Sloap

Minister of Community

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Minister of Culture and Arts

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Department of Culture

Description of Department

The Department of Culture was founded on 8 August 2020 as part of a Constitutional Reform. The primary function of the Department is to direct and implement national policies on culture and arts, sports and science.

The Empire of Lehmark was created in April 2019, initially with 2 registered citizens and as of September 2020 there are 34 registered citizens residing in 11 different macronations. Lehmark is thus a multicultural micronation. The Ministries of Culture and Arts, Science and Sport have been created to enable Lehmark's citizens to express, discuss and share the unique attributes of the various and diverse regions that influence their lives.

The Department of Culture has three sub-sections on Arts and History, Sports and Science. Each of the policy areas of the Department vary widely and a Minister is allocated to each of the Department's jurisdiction, the Department of Culture is the only Government Department in Lehmark to have more than one Minister.

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Culture and Arts

As At 28 August 2021

The Faces of Lehmark Cultural Project was spearheaded by the Emperor and Autocrat in June 2020 and will be taken over by the Minister of Culture and Arts. This initial Cultural Project is implemented with creating and displaying our "Lehmarkness" in a sense of Pride and Unity.

We hope to commission a local sculptor or hopefully a Lehmarkian sculptor to aid in the design and completion of a monument for the Lehmark Capital State which represents Lehmark to the fullest.

Faces of Lehmark Cultural Project - How To Get Involved!

As A Selfie:

It's super easy to get involved with the Project: Follow these 3 Easy Steps!

  1. Download the Flag of Lehmark. Click Here.

  2. Take a Selfie with our Flag in it!

  3. Upload it to Facebook and Tag @EmpireofLehmark or Send your Selfie to our Facebook Page.

That's it! We will then download the photo, and include it in the Project (as pictured left)!

Anyone can be included in the Project! You don't need to be a Citizen to participate, all you need is a sense of Lehmarkian Pride and Unity!

Can't do a Selfie with the Flag?!

You can still get involved! Follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Take a regular selfie.

  2. Send it via email to with the subject "Faces of Lehmark"

  3. We will then send your selfie to our Photoshop team, who can add the Flag of Lehmark and then to Project.

Current Design of the Lehmark National Soccer Team Uniform

Lehmarkian Soccer

As At 28 August 2021

In August 2020 Lehmark changed our National Sport from Reformer Pilates to Soccer.

In August 2021 Lehmark FC Legends was founded as our National Soccer Team by Anni Crowshurst, Club Founder. Our next steps will be to develop means for Citizens to participate.

A competition will be held in late 2020/2021 to aid in the naming of the Lehmark National Soccer Team.

A uniform for the Lehmark National Soccer Team has been designed and approved.

Science in Lehmark

As At 8 August 2020

The development of a Lehmark Space Agency is the primary goal at this stage. Once this Agency is properly established the development of infrastructure and development of miniature rocketry will take place. It is hoped this can be completed by the end of 2021.

We will also begin the development of appropriate infrastructure so that Citizens of Lehmark will be able to view any rocket launches, rocket missions and any data collected by said mission.

Lehmark Space Agency

The Emperor and Autocrat along with the Minister of Science are proud to launch the LEHMARK SPACE AGENCY.

The purpose of the Space Agency is to engage Citizens of Lehmark with rocketry and live feeds of our missions. Any environmental factors will be discussed with the Minister of Environmental Protection prior to launches.

  • Funding for the Space Agency comes primarily from the Empire's Voluntary Taxation Program, the sale of National Merchandise and the Emperor himself.

  • License and insurance is a necessary first step, this will be purchased annually through the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the cost is approximately 50GBP or $100AUD. This cost will be covered by the Imperial Treasury.

  • The purchase of a model rocket for a mission is the second step, towards the development and functionality of the Space Agency.

  • Finally all missions will be 'live' streamed on our Facebook page.

Memorandum on National Development

Individualised Development Plans for Departments and Agencies, were introduced by Memorandum on 11 November 2020.

In Lehmark, Ministers and Agency Leaders have a duty to undertake necessary works that contribute towards the progression and development of Lehmark as a micronation. The Memorandum on National Development, provides goal based directives for Ministers and Agency Leaders to achieve so they can satisfy that civic duty.