The Commonwealth

Imperial Commonwealth of Lehmark

The Imperial Commonwealth of Lehmark was created by Imperial Decree CV on 25 September 2022 and is both a Sovereign State with a defined Head of State, Governance Structure, and a Commonwealth organization created to improve the development and function of its Commonwealth States.

The Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark serves as Head of State for Commonwealth States, with the former Head of State becoming 'Head of Commonwealth State' and such maintains their original title be it monarchical or republican. Commonwealth States can declare independence at any time.

  • Commonwealth States maintain their original structure and Constitution - necessary changes to reflect new Head of State and Head of Commonwealth State will of course need to be made.

The Imperial Commonwealth of Lehmark is governed by Imperial Decree CV - On Commonwealth of Lehmark and should not be considered a Successor State to the Empire of Lehmark, but instead should be considered an extension of the Empire.

Joining the Imperial Commonwealth of Lehmark

Any micronation is eligible to join the Commonwealth, providing the nations ethics and principles align with those of the Commonwealth – namely freedom, respect and acceptance. The Empire of Lehmark decides on Membership Applications in accordance with Foreign Affairs Policy.

Micronations can apply to Join the Commonwealth using the linked Diplomatic Relations Request Form.

Member States of the Imperial Commonwealth of Lehmark

Empire of Lehmark

His Imperial Majesty, William I Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark and Head of the Imperial Commonwealth.

His Majesty, Wald I King and Head of the Commonwealth State of Narsiryn

Kingdom of Narsiryn

The Kingdom of Narsiryn is a Absolute Monarchy that follows principles of personal prosperity, equality, greater good, and national pride. The Kingdom is led by King Wald I, and has feudal inspiration in its structure. Narsiryn has inspirations from the Empire of Lehmark, as well as Emperor Norton I. Narsiryn intends to create a community in which likeminded people are able to gather and achieve their own goals as well as Narsiryn's.

Discord Server Invite:

Treaty of Commonwealth Membership: See Ratified Treaties.

Commonwealth States Defined

Commonwealth State Relationship - Under Imperial Decree CV

Commonwealth States enter into a subordinate relationship with the Empire of Lehmark and thus recognize the ‘Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark’ as their official Head of State, Commonwealth States have full internal autonomy with limited intervention from the Emperor and Autocrat. Commonwealth States can declare independence at any time.

Under Imperial Decree CV Commonwealth States maintain their original Monarchical/Republican Structure with the original Monarchical/Republican Leader maintaining their original Title and being referred to as ‘Head of Commonwealth State’. Commonwealth States also keep their original Government, Constitution and Structure – only needing to make necessary amendments to recognize the ‘Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark’ as the formal Head of State.

  • Ranking as Follows:

    • Head of State – Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark

    • Head of Commonwealth State – Original Leader, maintains original Title.

    • Head of Government - permitted, but not required.

Commonwealth States decided their own succession, meaning Monarchy States can decided their Heirs and Republics can vote for their President.

Foreign Relations and Policies for Commonwealth States are determined by the Empire of Lehmark with Commonwealth States not being permitted to ratify Treaties or engage in any official relationship – Commonwealth States are permitted to maintain informal contact/communication with other nations.

General Conditions of Commonwealth Statehood

  • Recognizes Lehmark Digital Token as an official currency.

  • Maintain separate Citizenship Registries, with Freedom of Movement being guaranteed for all Citizens of each Commonwealth State.

  • Offensive wars, and military actions are not permitted.

    • Member States will form a Military Defence Pact and will aid each other in defensive campaigns.

    • Unilateral declarations of hostility by any member State will result in the Emperor and Autocrat declaring expulsion of that Member State from the Commonwealth

  • Will form a Trade Union in which free trade is enforced between all Member States

  • Should a Member State have or develop a Discord Server, they will provide the Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark with a unique role on their Server:

    • This Role will be titled as ‘Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark’ and should rank above that of the Head of Commonwealth State.

    • This Role will also be an Administrator, allowing the Head of State to view the internal workings of the Member State.

    • The Discord Server remains the property of the Member State.

Commonwealth Governance

Commonwealth Head of State’s Powers

The Head of the Commonwealth who is the Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark has two Powers under Imperial Decree CV.

Absolute Veto:

  • The Commonwealth Head of State may block any law of any Commonwealth State – except in the case of a law for independence.

  • The Commonwealth Head of State may block Commonwealth Law.

Executive Power:

Powers which are necessary to administrate and govern the Commonwealth and Commonwealth States – this includes the power to remove Government Members from both the Commonwealth and Commonwealth States.

Regulations of Power:

  • The Commonwealth Head of State cannot introduce legislation to a Commonwealth State.

  • Legislation which has been approved by a Commonwealth State requires Imperial Assent from the Commonwealth Head of State.

Commonwealth Council

A Council known as the Commonwealth Council will be created, with the Head of each Commonwealth State holding a Permanent Seat as Counsellor.

This Council is granted power to implement ‘Commonwealth Law’ which is described as legislation which is enforceable through every Member State – including the Empire of Lehmark; the Emperor and Autocrat may use discretionary Executive Powers to veto such laws from taking effect within the Empire of Lehmark.

Commonwealth Law does not have the power to change the Constitution of any Member State or enforce a law which would violate the Constitution of any Member State or that violates any Human Right.