Imperial bank of Lehmark

Imperial Bank of Lehmark

Governor of the Imperial Bank of Lehmark: William Lehman, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark

The Imperial Bank of Lehmark was founded to be the Central Bank of Lehmark and to support the Department of Treasury in financial matters and the management of currency. The services provided by the Imperial Bank of Lehmark has allowed the Empire to progressively build one of the most advanced currency platforms in the micronational world.

Contact the Imperial Bank of Lehmark via email:

Currency in Lehmark

The Constitution of the Empire of Lehmark formally recognises two official currencies, Lehmark Digital Token and the Imperial Florin. The Empire uses Australian Dollars for external transactions.

Cryptocurrency and Banking

Lehmark Digital Token (LDT) is a cryptocurrency launched in April 2022. LDT is hosted on the Stellar Network using the Stellar Blockchain and is considered a fiat currency - the value of LDT is based on supply, demand and consumer confidence.

Banking and LDT

Banking with LDT can be achieved by using the Imperial Bank of Lehmark Bot on our Discord Server. The Bot utilises slash commands to enable transactions such as payment, deposit and withdrawal - withdrawal can be made to crypto Wallets such as LOBSTR and depositing from the same allowing for 'full circle transacting'.

The Bot itself is linked to a LOBSTR Wallet which is held by the Imperial Bank. From this pool the Bot smartly tracks each users balance by referencing their Discord ID.

Imperial Florin

The Imperial Florin was the original currency created when the Empire was founded and later lost favour during the 2022 March Constitutional Reform. The Imperial Florin is now a purely physical currency backed by silver bullion with notes and coins being purchasable through PayPal.

  • Physical silver is held by the Imperial Treasury to give the Florin a sound value.

  • The Imperial Florin comes in the denominations of 200f, 50f, 20f, 10f, 5f, 2f, 1f.

  • 260oz of silver bullion are held by the Empire to provide the Imperial Florin with value.

Silver Standard Development

Between October 2019 and October 2021 a total of 230 troy oz of silver bullion bars was purchased, worth approximately $9,000AUD. At its height around 1,230,000f was in circulation therefore 1f was worth about 0.007g of silver. An additional 32oz were purchased in October 2022 - totalling 260oz or 8.08kgs.

The March Constitutional Reform in 2022, forced the Imperial Florin to become a purely physical currency, with notes and coins being purchased through the Foreign Exchange (later PayPal due to the closure of the Exchange).

Currently there is about 14,000f in physical form which means each Florin is worth 0.57g silver each or $6AUD each.

Silver Bullion as at October 2022

Imperial Bank of Lehmark Bot on Discord

In early 2022, the Imperial Bank Discord Bot was developed, for conducting transactions in Lehmark Digital Token (LDT). This Bot smartly tracks all transactions and differentiates between users' balances'. All LDT held by the Bot exists in a Imperial Bank Crypto Wallet, Lehmarkians do not need a Wallet in order to use the service. This benefits those underage and those who live in a macronation where crypto is illegal or inaccessible.

With the creation of the Imperial Commonwealth, the Imperial Bank was expanded to Commonwealth Members and is able to track balances accross multiple servers.

Services provided with the Bank bot:

  • Deposit - use command '/deposit'

    • This command will allow those with a Wallet to deposit LDT into the Bot.

  • Withdrawal - use command '/withdraw'

    • This command allows those with a LDT Balance to withdraw the LDT to their Wallet.

  • Direct Payment - use command '/transfer'

    • This commands allows for paying another user on our Discord Server.

  • Balancing - use command '/balance'