Employment Requirmenets & Vacancies

General Requirements & Information:

  • Must be a Citizen of Lehmark and have joined our Discord Server

  • You must have reasonable English abilities - reading, writing and spoken.

  • You must dedicate adequate time every week to your position. Approximately 1 - 2 hours per week.

  • All positions are salaried and paid in Imperial Florins. You need a Personal Bank Account with the Imperial Bank of Lehmark.

Minister and Agency Leader Specifics:

  • You must be willing to subscribe to the Imperial Government Levy as a show of your commitment ($1.00AUD, monthly).

  • The Memorandum on National Development outlines directives and the Development Plan which Ministers and Agency Leaders must carry out.

  • Ministers and Agency Leaders are required to attend meetings of the Imperial Senate and to submit a Monthly Progress Report relating to their Development Plan. Failure to submit Reports and attend meetings will result in a Performance Review and possible dismissal.

Current Employment Vacancies