Digital Identification

Imperial Decree LXXXIII - On Digital ID Cards and ID Documentation, establishes the nature of Digital Identification in the Empire of Lehmark.

Citizen Digital ID Card's are the only valid form of identification for Lehmarkians - this Digital ID also doubles as a passport. However, Lehmarkians should take note that the Empire of Lehmark does not recommend using Digital ID Cards for macronational identification purposes and would ask Lehmarkians refrain from said practice - unless Lehmarkian identification is being provided alongside macronational identification.

Digital Diplomatic ID's were established in October 2022 to properly recognise Ambassadors of the Empire, these Cards are given freely to Ambassadors. Digital Diplomatic ID's cannot replace a Citizen Digital ID Card and thus a Citizen Digital ID Card will also be issued freely.

As of 31 October 2022: All Verified Citizens are entitled to a FREE Citizen Digital ID Card - simply fill out the Passport Image Form!

Citizen Digital ID Card

  1. Go onto our Discord Server and see #imperial-bank channel.

  2. Check your LDT balance: Use command '/balance'.

  3. Paying for the Digital ID:

    1. Use command: '/transfer'

    2. Amount: 200LDT

    3. Recipient: William Lehman

    4. Note: 'UCIN* ID Card Your Name'

  4. Upload a Passport Style Photo using the Form on the left. We will email you the final product within 72 hours.

  5. *Enter your Unique Citizen Identification Number

Digital Diplomatic ID

Ambassadors of the Empire of Lehmark are entitled to a Digital Diplomatic ID due to their position.

This Digital ID will be recognised by the Empire of Lehmark and the official hosting country of said Ambassador's Embassy - this Card may not be accepted by another micronation.

Newly appointed Ambassadors will be directed to upload a Passport Style Photo using the linked form on the left.