Citizen Motions

In October 2022, the Imperial Government introduced a Petition System using the Votum bot on Discord.

Through this bot Lehmarkians are able to raise Motions, which if passed by a majority of Citizens it is then sent to the Imperial Government as a Petition - while the Imperial Government is not bound by a Petition due to Lehmarkian Autocracy; His Imperial Majesty William I, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark has instructed the Imperial Government to action all Petitions - this includes preparation of a rejection letter.

As a result of this development, Lehmark has invented a type of Citizen Direct Democracy and opened a direct line to the Imperial Government.

Raising Motions

To raise motions ! commands are used with Votum. There are a few steps to preparing a Motion, however the below example will make it easier.

Command: **!motion** <insert voting type m (specify type)/u <motion text here>>

  • M represents Majority voting if not majority type is not specified the default is simple majority. No brackets needed.

  • U represents unanimous voting. Self explanatory.

  • Motion text simply, what is your motion - your question, suggestion, comment or whatever! Voting is yes/no/abstain.

Active Motions expire after 96 hours if no decision is made - Multiple Motions can be raised at once and are placed in a Queue.

Example Motion Command:

To start a motion with 2/3rd majority, you could use the commands (all are equivalent):

  • !motion -m 2/3 Motion text goes here

  • !motion --majority 2/3 Motion text goes here

  • !motion --majority 66% Motion text goes here

Unanimous motion (all are equivalent):

  • !motion -u Motion text goes here

  • !motion --unanimous Motion text goes here

  • !motion -m 100% Motion text goes here

  • !motion -m 1/1 Motion text goes here

To Vote on a Motion

List of Commands - All Commands require a reason.

  • !yes <reason>

  • !no <reason>

  • !abstain <reason>