Imperial bank of Lehmark

Imperial Bank of Lehmark

Governor of the Imperial Bank of Lehmark: William Lehman, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark

The Imperial Bank of Lehmark was founded to be the Central Bank of Lehmark. Since the Imperial Bank's founding it has expanded to provide Empire wide services, including currency management/exchange and banking services. The Imperial Bank also manages payroll and financial services for the Department of Treasury which is conducted through an efficient automatic online system.

As part of currency management the Imperial Bank has coordinated large purchases of Silver Bullion in order to firmly establish the Imperial Florin as an active currency with a value that can one day be used outside of the Empire for legitimate purchases of goods and services.

His Imperial Majesty William the First, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark has been quoted many times saying:

"Sound financial and economic policy will always lead to a stable and prosperous nation. This is why the stability of silver bullion and the establishment of a Silver Standard has aided in the foundation of successful economic policy in Lehmark"

The services provided by the Imperial Bank of Lehmark has allowed the Empire to progressively build one of the most advanced currency platforms in the micronational world.

Contact the Imperial Bank of Lehmark via email:

Currency in Lehmark

The Constitution of the Empire of Lehmark formally recognises two official currencies, the Imperial Florin (f ) and the Australian Dollar (AUD).

The Imperial Florin is the primary currency used internally within the Borders of Lehmark, and is used to purchase of goods and services offered by the Imperial Government and private company's in Lehmark.

  • Physical silver is held by the Imperial Treasury to give the Florin a sound value.

  • The Imperial Florin comes in the denominations of 200f, 50f, 20f, 10f, 5f, 2f, 1f.

  • Notes and Coins are available for purchase through the Lehmark Foreign Exchange

The Australian Dollar was established alongside the Imperial Florin as an official currency so the Empire of Lehmark had an ability to conduct business with governments and businesses outside of Lehmark, and to use a more recognised means of trade.

Banking Services

From 19 April 2019 - 1 July 2020, Personal Bank Accounts were created for all new Citizens who became such via Application. If you have lost your banking details please contact the bank at the email address provided above. All Citizens who become such via Application or birth from 1 July 2020 need to apply for a Personal Bank Account using the below Form.

  • All company's who register in Lehmark and conduct business via Imperial Florin, need to have a Business Bank Account registered with the Imperial Bank of Lehmark.

  • All Citizens of Lehmark who are employed either in the Imperial Government or a private business and are paid via Imperial Florin are also required to have a Personal Bank Account to receive their wages/salaries.

Services provided with our Bank Accounts:

  • Deposit

  • Withdrawal

  • Direct Payment

  • Automatic Transactions

  • Loan Services

Cash Withdrawal

The Imperial Bank of Lehmark has no physical locations to withdraw cash, Citizens of Lehmark can fill out a Withdrawal Request Form and we will manually deduct the balance from your account and post you the physical cash.

Important Information Below

  • CHECK YOUR BALANCE FIRST (Link to Bank Portal)

    • If you don't know your login information, email us to request new login details

  • Fill out the Withdrawal Request Form.

    • Amount limited to 500f per Citizen per withdrawal.

  • There is a flat rate $10.00AUD postage fee, which needs to be paid within 24 hours of request. Transaction conducted via this PayPal link

  • There is NO charge for the physical cash.

Loan Services - Personal and Business

Citizens of Lehmark and LFRB's are able to apply for a loan for any amount up to 10,000f. As the Bank exists as a non-profit institution interest and accounting fees are not chargeable on loans. Borrowers only need to pay back the amount they borrowed.

  • To be eligible for a loan, you MUST:

    • Be a Citizen of Lehmark; except in the cases of Foreign Companies - must be a registered LFRB.

    • Hold an eligible Personal or Business Bank Account with the Imperial Bank.

    • The loan MUST be paid back within 12 months.

    • MUST hold employment within the Empire of Lehmark.

    • Annual Salary/Company Income MUST exceed the value of the loan to ensure repayment.

    • The Bank reserves the right to remove any remaining amount from your Personal or Business Bank Account.

The Imperial Silver Supply as of 12 February 2020

Silver Standard Development

Starting in October 2019 the Empire converted to a Silver Standard, this was achieved via the Imperial Bank who coordinated purchases of silver bullion. The usage of a silver standard gives the Imperial Florin a "real world" value, and could potentially allow for purchases of goods and services outside of Lehmark in the future.

Between October 2019 and February 2020 the Imperial a total of 228.6 troy oz of silver bullion bars and this allows Lehmark to currently peg the value of 1 Florin to 0.00711g of silver.

In October 2021 a purchase of an additional 53oz of silver was completed, allowing for the first currency expansion adding another 230,000f into circulation - this expansion allowed 1f to be pegged to 0.00712g of silver.

As a result of the introduction of the silver standard a Currency Balance took place which meant a reduction in wages, government expenses and taxes.

A total of 1,230,000f are in circulation, in digital and physical formats.

Banking Regulations

The Australian Royal Commission into the Banking and Finance Sector revealed to the public the gross corruption and the negative impact the major banking and financial institutions in Australia were having on the population, and it also revealed the illegal conduct the banks were conducting behind closed doors.

The Emperor and Autocrat published Imperial Decree XLII - On Social Reform, Banking Regulations and Imperial Grant. The primary purpose of this Decree was ensure that the Imperial Bank of Lehmark would stay as an institution primarily responsible for financial regulation and stabilisation. This was achieved by removing the banks ability to engage in activities which would see it make a profit.

In Accordance with Imperial Decree XLII - On National Social Policy, Banking Regulations and Imperial Grant:

  1. The Imperial Bank of Lehmark (“IBL”), was founded as the national financial institution to manage the currency, payment of wages and the Imperial Treasury the following regulations are to be introduced immediately:

    1. In terms of fees:

      1. Transaction, accounting, banking or any other fee to customers and clients of the bank – the bank does not exist as a for-profit business

    2. In terms of bank accounts/security:

      1. Names are to be removed from bank accounts and replaced with an account number which is to be randomized – this will not affect username and passwords. This will aid with security once the UBI is introduced.

      2. Businesses must apply for a separate bank account within 60 days of founding the business – this is primarily for accounting and taxation purposes.

    3. In terms of currency regulation:

      1. The IBL is hereby given the power to arbitrarily remove up to 150f from every registered bank account in the Empire every 3 – 6 months.

        1. The current digital structure of the bank does not allow for 0% interest and therefore having interest accrue reduces the value of the florin by automatic creation of more money, therefore by allowing the bank to remove said money the bank is able to stabilize the value of the currency.

    4. Other regulations:

      1. A person must be 15 years or older to register a bank account