Peerage of Lehmark

A Peer of Lehmark is a Lehmarkian who has been granted a Title of Nobility by the Emperor and Autocrat. Peers are either Landed or 'of the Empire'. A Landed Peer has received a Land Grant with their Title. The Land Grant is forever inheritable, so long as the line exists. Peers with Land Grants usually have their Title styled after the area they were given. An 'of the Empire' Peer has a formal Title, but has no land rights.

Titles recognised by the Lehmarkian Constitution:

  • Duke; must receive a Land Grant.

  • Count; Land Grant optional, can be 'of the Empire'.

  • Baron; Land Grant optional, can be 'of the Empire'.

  • Honorary Titles at the discretion of the Emperor, must be 'of the Empire'.

  • Both sorts of Titles are inheritable by the Peers first born child.

It is worth noting that only Peers of Lehmark are eligible to be appointed as Imperial Proconsuls. Peers have a proven track record and proven loyalty to the State, and are believed by the Emperor and Autocrat to be the ones most suited to govern our States.

The Empire of Lehmark offers two simple paths for Citizens to gain Peerage, the Annexation Process and the Voluntary Taxation Program. Otherwise those who work hard and dedicate themselves to Lehmark are often rewarded with Peerage by the Emperor and Autocrat.

Table of Ranks by Order of Precedence:

  1. Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark - William Lehman, 19 April 2019

  2. Duke of Armstrong - Peter Gumley, 29 August 2019

  3. Duke of Saint George - Yannick Beuvelet, 29 July 2020

  4. Duchess of Salop - Anni Crowhurst, 25 April 2021

  5. Count of Market Hill - Aidan Pierce, 2 May 2022

  6. Lord Baron of Raasay - Peter Gumley, 27 September 2020

  7. Count of the Empire of Lehmark - Adhan Mohamed, 26 September 2021

  8. Count of the Empire of Lehmark - Brice Duke, 10 May 2022

  9. Baron of the Empire of Lehmark - Tarun Batra, 24 September 2021

  10. Baron of the Empire of Lehmark - Scott Schulz, 20 January 2022

  11. Baron of the Empire of Lehmark - Matthew Hubbard, 20 April 2022