Application for Citizenship

Please note there is a $5AUD Citizenship Processing Fee payable via PayPal

  • Exclusive 'Welcome Email' sent upon approval of your Citizenship. Please check Junk Mail or Spam.

  • Certificate of Citizenship sent via email upon approval of your Citizenship. Please check Junk Mail or Spam.

  • You can be a Citizen of Lehmark and still keep your macronational Citizenship. This is called Dual Citizenship.

Lehmark's Reason for Existing as a Micronation

The Empire of Lehmark was founded upon the ideas of Absolutism and Social Progression. We hold a firm belief the Empire of Lehmark is a benevolent autocracy that works to benefit the people and therefore creates a society that values the Rights and Freedoms of her Citizens.

In Absolutism:

Through our belief in Absolutism we have developed a centralised monarchy revolving around the Emperor and Autocrat's exercise of executive and legislative authority as per the Constitution. The Constitution protects the Citizens against abuses of autocratic powers.

To assist the Emperor and Autocrat we developed the Imperial Senate which is comprised of the Imperial Government, Imperial Proconsuls and a few unique positions. We believe that through readily available advice, the Emperor and Autocrat can introduce effective legislative action to meet the needs of the Nation.

In Social Progression:

We believe that everyone has the right to live freely and live their best life and therefore we aim to create an open and accepting society. Our first step was the introduction of our Bill of Rights, the most advanced of any nation on Earth. Our Bill of Rights has been carefully written to ensure that absolutely everybody will be free from discrimination and intolerance. The Empire of Lehmark is built on love and respect.

Through careful development of our Discord Server we have created a strong digital community, where the Citizens of Lehmark are able to connect to one another, regardless of where they are in the world. We have also begun developing social clubs such as the Indian and Islamic Communities of Lehmark which are hosted on our Discord Server, this serves as a way for our Citizens to connect with other Citizens who hold a similar cultural or religious beliefs.

Our next step is developing a Lehmarkian Culture through our policy of Lehmarkian Nationalism. Lehmarkian Nationalism is about fostering a sense of Pride and Loyalty to the Empire and the Emperor and Autocrat, while ensuring Lehmarkians act with kindness, respect and courtesy to all people while guaranteeing Lehmarkian Society remains open and accepting to all.

What You Can Gain From Lehmarkian Citizenship..

  • A strong Citizen culture of Activeness, Professionalism and Dedication which supports the development of our micronation.

  • An active Emperor and Autocrat who regularly engages with Citizens and is incredibly active in developing the Empire.

  • An active and cohesive Imperial Government who works with the Emperor and Autocrat in the development of the Empire.

  • An active and vibrant community on Discord which allows for Citizen and Government connection from all over the world.

  • Membership in the Lehmark Order of Citizens will be provided upon successfully joining our Discord Server*.

  • Lehmark offers more 'Citizen Services' than any other micronation and we are the only micronation to offer 'Healthcare Services'.

*Please Note: You must join the Lehmark National Discord Server within 14 days of approval. Failure will result in Revocation of Citizenship.

Citizenship Regulations

In accordance with Imperial Decree XXVII - On Citizenship Regulation

Citizenship Regulations

The following regulations regarding citizenship will come into force in order to properly and clearly outline how citizenship is gained and/or lost. Some aspects are covered in the Constitution and nothing stated here will change that, however, it will be reiterated.

The Constitution States:

  1. “The Head of State has the sole power to grant titles of Nobility and Citizenship:

    1. The Head of State reserves the Right to Revoke or Amend Titles of Nobility, and is done so via Title Decree.

    2. The Granting and Revoking of Citizenship is delegated to the Department of Internal Affairs who is expected to act within past and future Imperial Decrees regulating the processes of Citizenship:

      1. The Head of State retains the Right to overturn any Granting or Revoking of Citizenship.

      2. Decrees are not necessary or required for the Granting or Revoking of Citizenship, unless the Head of State is overturning a decision made by the Department of Internal Affairs..“

Loss of Citizenship

Citizenship will be automatically revoked in cases where:

  1. That Citizen has been convicted of terrorism in either Lehmark or another country.

The Emperor and Autocrat will decide to revoke Citizenship in cases where:

  1. The Citizen has been convicted a major crime. e.g murder, rape, pedophilia.

  2. The Citizen has not paid the Imperial Development Scheme in 6 months, and has not opted out of the program.

  3. The Citizen has released private and sensitive information about the Empire.

  4. It has been proven that a Parent(s) or Caregiver(s) of a Person under the Age of 15, at the time of their Citizenship Acceptance, filled out said Person’s Citizenship Test/Application on their behalf. (Amendment 29/10/2020)

  5. In any other circumstance that the Emperor and Autocrat deems fit.

Renunciation (Amendment 29/10/2020)

Citizens of Lehmark are able to renounce their Citizenship at anytime, Citizens who wish to renounce said Citizenship must provide a written letter to the Department of Internal Affairs, explaining why they want to renounce their Citizenship.

The Department of Internal Affairs will decide to accept or reject Renunciation’s of Citizenship on a case by case basis, if the Department of Internal Affairs approves the Renunciation of Citizenship, that Citizen will receive a formal Notice of Revocation of Citizenship via email.

The Nature of Statehood and Citizenship (Amendment 23 November 2020)

Citizens will be allocated to a State for electoral purposes.

New Citizens of Lehmark who become such via Application will choose a State to allocate their Citizenship to.

Citizens who do not choose a State or become inactive, will be allocated to a State. State Registers are maintained by the Imperial Government and provided to Imperial Proconsuls when requested. These consisting of no more than a First Name and Email Address; and in some instances UCIN.

Gaining Citizenship

Citizenship can be gained through:

  1. Citizenship Test/Application:

    1. A person can apply to become a Citizen of Lehmark if:

      1. They are over the age of 15:

        1. Or must provide the written consent of parent(s) or caregiver(s) when prompted by the Department of Internal Affairs.(Amendment 29/10/2020)

      2. Are not a convicted criminal.

      3. Must not be seeking asylum.

      4. Must not be seeking residency.

    2. The Citizenship Test/Application will never have a cost associated to it again.

    3. Citizens of Lehmark who become so from 26 September 2021 must be part of the Lehmarkian National Discord Server within 14 days of Citizenship Approval.

      1. (Amendment 7 December 2021) – this requirement is now expanded to all current Citizens of Lehmark.

    4. Citizens of Lehmark who become so from 26 September 2021 will undergo a ‘probationary period’ for 45 days whereby they must prove their activity and dedication to Lehmark or risk Revocation of Citizenship at the end of the period.

      1. (Amendment 7 December 2021) – the Emperor and Autocrat has the power to pause Probation requirements and reintroduce them as required.

  2. Birth:

    1. A person who is born of parents who are both Citizens of Lehmark will have automatic Citizenship upon birth.

    2. A person who is born to parents where one parent is a Citizen of Lehmark will have automatic Citizenship upon birth.

    3. A person who is born to parents who are not Citizens of Lehmark will not have Citizenship.

  3. Persons under the Age of 15: (Amendment 29/10/2020)

    1. Persons under the Age of 15 are able to become Citizens of Lehmark via Citizenship Test/Application, only when the parent(s) or caregiver(s) provide written consent (when prompted by the Department of Internal Affairs), and said parent(s) or caregiver(s) must already be Citizens of Lehmark above the Age of 15.

    2. Parent(s) or Caregiver(s) of Persons Under the Age of 15, are not permitted to make Citizenship Application’s on behalf of their children.

Dual-Citizenship Regulation

People who hold Citizenship with other macronations or micronations will be allowed to have Citizenship with the Empire of Lehmark.

Privacy Policy

The Empire of Lehmark does all we can to ensure the Privacy of our Citizens and the Information they provide to us, via various Applications, Communications or any other document with personal information relating to or about our Citizens.

We do this by:

  • Personal information provided in these Citizenship Applications are stored on a National Database only accessible by the Emperor and Autocrat. This database is stored on an encrypted external password protected drive.

  • Several separate Databases also exist for: It is worth noting for the below Databases, that the information contained within, pertains to Personal information proving identity, as well as usernames and passwords generated by the Imperial Government for Citizen accessibility to Government Services.

    • University Student Information

    • Banking and Account Information

    • Election and Elector Information

    • National Business Information

    • National Passport Register

    • Lehmark Employment Information

Publicly Made Available Information

The Imperial Government maintains a National Statistic Report, managed and available in the Office of the National Archives. This Report is released annually, and reports on the Nations demographics. This is inclusive of:

  • Ethnicity

  • Language

  • Religion

  • Country of Origin

  • Age Groups

  • Total Population

  • Monthly Citizenship Application Numbers

  • Genders

  • National State Populations

  • Employment Statistics

No personal information, such as Names, Dates of Birth, Email addresses or the like will be made public in these Reports.

Your Information and the Government

The Imperial Government of Lehmark can request to the Emperor and Autocrat to make available Citizens; First Names and Email addresses. However this can only be for Official use, such as:

  • Department Bulletin Programs

  • Election Reasons

  • Relating to Department Services

The Imperial Proconsuls of Lehmark are permitted to make requests for Citizens; First Names and Email addresses, only for Official use, such as:

  • Contacting the Constituents as per relevant Decree.

  • Engaging Citizens in State Projects or Events

Election Candidates are permitted to access Citizens; First Name and Email address for their State Candidacy only to Contact the Constituency no more than 3 times in an Election period, to promote their Candidacy.

Lehmark Mailing List

The Empire of Lehmark utilises MailChimp to ensure our Citizens can be informed of the ongoings within the Empire.

New Citizens are automatically subscribed upon acceptance of Application, a Welcome Email will be sent to New Citizens with useful information and links to Government Services. An Unsubscribe option is provided on all emails.

Lehmark ensures to send as little of these kinds of emails as possible. In most instances the Mailing List will be used to:

  • On occasion advertise a new or popular service or item

  • Inform of important political and social developments or other event

  • Allow the Emperor and Autocrat to communicate directly with the Citizens.

The Imperial Government will be sending out a monthly or bi-monthly bulletin to inform Citizens of the political ongoings within the Nation.